Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vomit Was Not on My Agenda.

So, you've made it through the day...just you and the wee man (mine is almost 3 now...although it feels like 30 years) since silly o'clock this morning and you are on the countdown....only an hour until bedtime.....20 minutes (start mobilising)....10 minutes (fill bottles, mentally locate pyjamas)...BEDTIME...hooray!
This was my day today.  My little squidger went straight to sleep issues (apart from a slight disagreement about brushing teeth).
I sit down and make a start on the pile of admin....even indulged in a glass of wine (wit woo).....and then I hear it....that unmistakeable sound of a vomiting toddler...and he's in MY bed.
Vomit is my least favourite of all the bodily functions and yet, when it's your child, you offer up your hand as a sick bowl while you frantically analyse if your wee monkey is very ill or merely sick from coughing.
We are now watching a particularly rubbish dvd and I have no idea about tonights sleeping arrangements...but I have wine so life is good :)

Santa...all I want this year is a good nights sleep.....I've been (mostly) very good!