Sunday, October 24, 2010

Purses Purses Everywhere!

Well, not quite but I managed to get 6 made this afternoon and I am rather in love with them.  Another awesome tutorial from Noodlehead and possibly one of the most straightforward and faff-free things I've made for ages.
It feels so good to finally work my way through Christmas pressie projects :)

Here's some proof of my sewing frenzy:

I even used one of my own Weebeastie labels as the loop to which I can attach a keyring.  This will make it a handy wallet for travelling or a night out as you can clip it safely to your person!
The creation of each wallet takes about 30 mins - an hour (depending on how much I stop to feel baby kicks) so making more will be easy peasy.  Tomorrow I shall mostly be tackling the washbag - complete with waterproof lining.  It's a bit of a fancy-pants pattern from a book so I'll probably be baffled from the start.  I tend to cut out the patterns and then disregard the instructions...much less frustrating!!  I may dabble in sock monkey creation and hair clips too for my younger relatives.
Well, another Monday morning is fast approaching and I count my blessings that I'm at home now until my maternity leave starts.  Off to enjoy a relaxing brew and crochet a few more blanket squares.....just hope I have time for crafting once Baby Jones is here!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finally Some Sewing!

Well, after weeks of talking about making Christmas pressies I finally tackled one of the patterns.  This is for the gathered clutch bag (tutorial found on Noodlehead), which can also double as a small make-up bag I guess - although I have found another pattern for those which is more 3-dimensional.
Anyhoos, as usual I got slightly baffled halfway through the instructions and ended up improvising, (I'm really pants at following instructions unless they're really, really clear).
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present my first attempt at the Gathered Clutch:

You can see the interfacing in the last photo so I'll need to pay more attention on the next one.  Also going to include the divider and cardholder or at least include a wee inside pocket. 
Right, off to the midwife now for my 31 week check-up and have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be making more bags when I get home :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Bee.

Apologies for the lack of blogging, I ventured up to Scotland to visit my family and parade my big baby bump!
It was great to catch up with everyone including a couple of school friends who were very honest about childbirth and babies without feeling the need to tell me about what can go wrong etc.  Have had enough horror stories and "Just you wait" comments to last me a lifetime.
I've been reading another birth story at a brilliant blog found HERE.  Every post makes me laugh and this is no exception.
On the crafting front, I made a prototype keyring for my mum and am slowly progressing through my crochet blanket:

Today I shall be mostly packing my hospital bag and attempting a snazzy clutch bag.
Well, that's the plan but don't be surprised if I sit rather still watching tv instead!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can I Crochet? Yes I Can!

Having tried to master the art of crochet once before I didn't hold out much hope for my recent desire to have another go.  Still, I purchased a shiney new crochet hook on the fabric run yesterday to illustrate my dedication to learning this skill.
There I sat last night with a set of instructions and created nothing but complete and utter tangled, tight, twisted shite!  Each attempt made me increasingly cross and got thrown sulkily in the bin.  One square, I only wanted to learn one square so I can make a blanket....but no. 
Well, did the amazing Sparrowarms not happen to visit this morning and very, very kindly embarked on a training session.  I watched, rather jealously, as she made these:

I refused to have a go in front of her as I was quite certain it would be messy.
After a few attempts and self-corrections, my square looked increasingly square-like:

By jove, I think it's working.....and I am super-fantastically excited!
Not much sewing done today but who cares when you can finally crochet.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Shopping Complete.

Hooray, I feel invigorated after a trip to buy fabric and fastenings this afternoon!  I feel like I'm actually making progress towards Christmas present crafting.  Tomorrow I shall put on my comfy trousers and assume my place in front of the sewing machine.  The plan is to make one of each items first using tutorials from noodlehead..  I plan to make the keyring purse and the gathered clutch from the online tutorials and then washbags from a sewing book I have - I'll link it once I remember the name.
Here are some photos of my purchases today.....I have wierd taste in fabric so don't be alarmed!

Bags of goodies I brought home:
Zebra print to make clutches and pirate stuff for baby jones...I'm thinking dungarees:
Lightweight waterproof fabric to line the these: 
Fusable interfacing, keyring stuff, random zips and mustard yellow cotton:
Bits of cotton fabric to make...well...everything:
With 100+ fabrics in my sewing room there really wasn't any need to buy more but I just can't resist!!
Lets hope I wake up in a sewing mood tomorrow!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enough is Enough!

I am very cross with myself that I've not been sewing for so long!  I have sooooo much gorgeous fabric just piled up in my sewing room, it's such a waste.  My first challenge is to craft as many pressies for Christmas as I can which means I need zips and interfacing - a brilliant excuse for an Abakhan trip!  I also have brand new patterns which remain unopened so have decided to have a bash at dungarees and a dress.
Lets hope the crafting bug kicks in's just uncomfortable sitting at the machine.
I have also decided that it's about time I learned to crochet and will be asking Sparrowarms to give me a tutorial.  I attempted to teach myself last year but quickly gave up as it didn't make any sense!!

Watch this space for a lot more crafting updates!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So much to do, so little motivation!

Just can't get moving today.  I am, at least, washed and dressed but my arse is firmly glued to my seat watching the Commonwealth Games!  To be fair though, the list of tasks I have assigned myself for today are far from fun so it's little wonder I can't face least 2 of them involve animal poo.
On a more positive note I just completed another online YouGov survey and finally hit £50 in earnings.  A cheque is on its way and certainly not to be sniffed at.  It's hardly an income that will sustain me once the baby has arrived though but every little bit helps!
Finally, may I just vent my irritation at the 'Go Compare' adverts.  It has now reached the stage where I have to mute the tv and sit scowling until it's over.  I have never and will never purchase any products from a company who can create such a brainless, annoying ad campaign!
Now then.....perhaps a cup of tea before I get moving.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a Scrubber!

Well, of sorts at pregnancy cleaning exploits reached an alltime high this morning when I got out of the shower to grab a scrubbing brush to scrub the bathroom tiles - whilst having a shower! 
I can't deny that I am pleased with the results but it's at times like that I can't help but feel my body and mind have been kidnapped.  I admire each freshly cleaned part of the house with wonder and have to remind myself that it was in fact me who scrubbed it.  Maybe it's a subconscious way of blocking out the sheer horror of cleaning and leave only the satisfaction and lovely smell. 
Officially hit the 29 week mark this morning.  Now that I'm a lady of leisure, time has finally sped up and the days are whizzing will be here in no time :)
I hope we get the snakes set up in their new homes in front room now looks like a pet shop:

Baby will occupy the bottom left vivarium.  Of course I'm joking - a baby needs at least a 3ft viv!!
Right, off to get out some pork chops for tea and then sit on my arse with a brew and some dunking biccies :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Best Monday Ever?

Well, I ventured bleary-eyed into work this morning having been poorly last week, (at one point the pregnancy constipation made me weep...where's the epidural when you need it), and was not feeling up to an hour at my desk let alone eight of the buggers.
You can imagine, therefore, the enormous relief and sheer confusion when my employer asked if I would benefit from staying at home - on full pay- until my maternity leave starts at the end of November.  I think my exact words were, "That would be fu**ing awesome"!  Half an hour later I'm back at home trying to convince myself that it was real and not some lovely dream.
So, there it is.....I can now officially take it easy.  I'm hoping the next 11 weeks will fly by :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleepy Rock.

I found this rock on a MASSIVE pebble beach in Wales.  I put him back down and decided to leave him there but couldn't sleep that night as I knew I had to have him.  I spent about an hour the following day and it's a miracle that I actually found him again.
This rock makes me smile every time I look at him :)

Greetings October!

Well, I can hardly believe that October is here...still feels like forever until the baby is due *hurumph*.
I'm beginning to feel rather uncomfortable now and there are still over 11 weeks to go...yikes!  My recent lack of blogging is due to being off work last week, I felt exhausted with spatterings of nausea, heartburn and constipation....hoorah!  Still, baby is fine though.  He is a champion kicker and had a mega strong heartbeat at my 28 week check up last week.
I realised that I never did post any photos of the nursery upon 'completion'.  I use that word lightly as it's now full of boxes of clothes and packs of nappies!!  I ended up going for plain and simple in the end....the fabulous underwater scenes will have to wait until he's a bit older.
I'm so lucky to know lots of uber-crafters who have knitted, crocheted and sewn all sort of amazing pressies for Baby.  By the way, that's a can of Sprite in the photo despite looking suspiciously like a can of lager....haha!  Although, after finally getting the walls painted I really was in need of a beer....roll on December!
Right, this bloody chair is making my belly all scrunched is kicking in protest and I have to move.
Time for a brew and a couple of biccies xxx