Friday, December 9, 2011

Dyson Attachment Toys

It's official, I'm a very irresponsible mum.  The wee man was playing with an attachment for the Dyson this morning and insisted on taking it in the car to nursery.  Played with it all the way home too.  I'm quite sure that pieces of vacuum cleaners are not the most sanitary of toys - especially as he must chew on everything like a puppy.
Still, I've always said that if he'd only sleep on sheeps poo then I'd have a flock of them living in the back garden!
I had a quick read of the newspaper this afternoon at work, (I was on my break - honest), and was a tad annoyed to see that Abbey Clancy is getting a hard time for allowing her baby to sleep on the sofa beside her dog whilst she was on a photo shoot.  For heavens sake, leave the girl alone.  I'm fed up of mums being judged - especially by other mums.  Nuff said!
I've been cutting up some of the wee mans old baby clothes.  Anything still wearable has been passed alomg to those who need it but I couldn't bear to throw out the stained stuff when there's so many memories attached.  Instead I've cut the unstained parts into squares and plan to make a very simple patchwork quilt.  As soon as we've moved house I'll do a step-by-step guide to making the quilt in case anyone out there fancies having a go.  I plan on doing lots of tutorials next year and posting more photos too....all this writing is rather too boring.
Here's a photo of the wee man for good measure!

Later Alligators xx

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back again!

What's that?  You didn't notice I'd been away?  Hadn't missed my ramblings about motherhood?

My gorgeous wee boy is now 11 months old - holy crapbags!  I've been back at work for about 3 months now and with none of that 'staged return' nonsense....I just plunged straight back into full time.  I posted a while back about my terror whilst even contemplating leaving the wee man with someone else and then I found the most AMAZING nursery.  It's like a state-of-the-art baby school.  As soon as I walked in (no appointment needed - big tick in the box) I knew that they could give him the sort of stimulation and education that I could only dream of doing at home.  The staff 'clock in' to happy mode at 7.30am whereas it was pushing midday at home before I felt organised enough to get anything done. 
The first few days he cried when I passed him over but then I randomly placed him on the floor one morning so he could crawl in himself.....we've never looked back and he doesn't even notice I've gone - he just legs it to the toys!
I have no idea about his stages of development...that is, I don't know what exactly an 11 month old 'should' be capable of.  I purposely steer clear of information telling me anything about babies!  I also detest people bragging about what their clever little creatures have achieved and frighteneing the bejesus out of the rest of us who's babies have not yet mastered fire-eating or driving the car.  All babies are different, as long as they're loved and having a marvellous time then nothing else matters really.
At least people have stopped saying "enjoy him while he's so small, he'll grow up so fast".  Actually, no.  It feels like he is 11 months old and that's because I have savoured and enjoyed every.single.minute. 
He's a cheeky wee bugger though, I can't deny it.  Is it wrong that I absolutely love it?  I love him being so self-assured that he's a bit cocky even at this age.  If you're not watching him open and close the kitchen drawers then he'll shout you.  Grinning.  His favourite 'game' is to offer you something and say 'ta' so you reach to get it.  At the last second he pulls it away and belly laughs at your stupidity.  I could play that game with him for hours!
Well, winter is gripping the nation and darkness rules most of our lives (glad I don't work shifts) at the minute.  I needed to find a way to keep the wee man toastie warm and i thought 'aaah, tights'.  Turns out they don't really have boys in mind when making tights.  I've hunted high and low and all I can find (that doesn't have bows or include a pink pair) are from Sainsburys.  Why on earth are tights only for girls?  They're perfect for the winter - especially if your wee one is a serial sock-remover like mine.
I'd best be moving on...have an old friend in, not a human friend -still not found any of those - but a bottle of wine....oh, how I have missed thy deliciousness!
Just before I skoot, for all you busy folks here in the UK there is a range of meals just out by Somebody Bigham...must be a famous chef but I canny remember his first name....not much use to you really. I think.  Had the Thai green chicken curry this evening.  It like an uncooked, pre-packed meal but full of flavour and goodness.  It's the sort of thing you could serve at a dinner party (not that I ever have those) where people would be convinced you made it yourself.  Anyway, it was scrumptious and only £4.50 in Sainsburys (serves 2).
Righto - wine and World of Warcraft now......classy bird me! xxx