Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lenny is almost here!

After several weeks, if not months, of painting inertia, I am finally getting stuck in to the illustrations for this book about Lenny the Blenny.  Three paintings were completed this evening, (only about 15 to go!!), and loaded into the Blurb software.
I have, however, done the backgrounds for the next four drawings so should get those completed tomorrow.
Here's a sneaky peak at my Blenny:

I'm not the greatest illustrator by any means but I love doing them!
There will come a point where I get stuck though.  I'll have to bulk buy my books and find places to sell them.
I want to publish these books one day but alas that shall remain a dream until I get some sales behind me.

Fingers crossed the book is complete this week.  Then it's on to my book about Eddie the crab.  It's actually my favourite story but I'm worried my lack of drawing skills will let me down.  We'll see :)

Off for a much needed glass of vino x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year and all that!

Well, 2010 is here which is particularly scary when I think back to when I was younger, contemplating my age come the millenium and here we are, another ten years on.  Yikes!
So, due to a Christmas lay-off, (bah humbug), I had a full 3 weeks off in which to complete a stack of book and crafting projects.  In truth, I achieved nothing much from my 'to do' list.  Instead, I dedicated my time to mostly relaxing with a few odd projects thrown in for good measure.  I made an 'any way up' fish, an octopus and a camper van - all out of felt, I also started knitting a sun dress and a hat but won't finish them any time soon!
On the up side, (and considering this is a blog about childrens books, not crafting which I leave in Jenny's far more capable hands), my Christmas books seemed to go down well and I beamed with pride when watching them being opened on Christmas day.  Ruby, who's 2, described my book as 'good'.  This is a big stamp of approval as she finds rather a lot of things either 'rubbish' or 'boring'.  Happy days :)
I had intended to get stuck in to my next book about Lenny but have once again sidetracked myself by booking 2 weeks in Egypt at the end of this month, (it seems 3 weeks was not enough time off for me)!  The coming weeks will be devoted to skirt and dressmaking with a touch of bangle shopping thrown in.
Random photos of things I'm working on will be posted soon in lieu of anything even remotely book-like being carried out!
Hope you all had a fabulous festive season!