Thursday, September 23, 2010

Luscious Lashes.

I don't exactly recall where I came across the concept of eyelashes for cars.  Had I merely read about the topic I would have scoffed at the chavvyness of it all and sworn myself to hate them for all eternity.  Fortunately, there was a photo of said lashes and for some reason I absolutely LOVE them!

I forgot to look online for them last night though so my car remains lashless until further notice.

I am constantly fighting off sleep at the moment, my energised self is slowly ebbing away as my enormous bump grows ad infinitum.  The second I get home after work I have to 'go Go GO' like hell to get some housework and zookeeper jobs completed before I'm flat out on the sofa.  I'm finding it very hard to get comfortable in bed at the moment which doesn't help much.  I still wake up in a panic having turned to lie on my back whilst sleeping.....fortunately I remember just in time that I mustn't turn too quick which sends pain shooting through my stomach muscles. 
I must check with the midwife about sleeping on my back.  The books lead me to believe that this will harm the baby but surely my body (or the baby) would tell me if I was causing the baby discomfort?  I just don't know.  I've stopped reading books about pregnancy now...they are the devils work!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a Charmer!

I have received two e-mails from my partner today.  They had the following titles:

- I've just had a massive poo!  (In reference to finally overcoming the post-op side-effects of morphine).


- No more stinky Kerry. (He's fixed the shower).

Who says romance is dead?

13 Weeks To Go!

Baby is 27 weeks grown today.....seems like only last week that I took that pregnancy test, (all 5 of them).
I have a rough idea of how big the baby is although different books tell me very different things and it can get rather confusing at times.  I don't understand why the measurements are given from head to bum, what about his legs - don't they count too?
13 weeks still feels like such a long time.  At every stage of being pregnant people insist that it will fly by but it really hasn't.  I have been sooooo excited about having a baby that time seems to have stood still.  A side effect of this is that I haven't given a lot of thought to birth plans etc.  In my head it feels like planning something that will happen in about 2 years time but the reality is that it's almost here. 
I booked my ante natal classes last week too.  I'm not going to the fancy-pants ones that you must pay for just the good old NHS ones.  I begrudge paying someone to show me how to bath a baby!  I'm mainly going along to socialise with other pregnant ladies and mums, I've tended to avoid them in the past due to being wildly jealous of their bumps!  I remember attending a baby-event with Usborne Books back in April and everywhere I looked were pregnant women, (funnily enough).  It was like torture for me.  Little did I know I was actually pregnant at the is strange sometimes!
I am unclear with the protocol of mum and baby groups it ok to go along and say hello before you have the baby?  Just the thought of it instantly transports me back to school days where my place in the world as a social outcast began! 
I just hope that motherhood brings out my sociable side!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Naggy Naggy Naggy!

I am very naggy today and not entirely sure why.  In fact, I have been in a defiant mood since the weekend when an unexpected episode caught me off guard and I sobbed for over an hour.  It's been a while since anything affected me like this and I'm determined not to dwell on it too long.  It can be tough though not having any close friends to talk openly with and I lie awake at night performing the usual conflict resolution in my own mind.  I like to fully understand my reactions to these situations so they don't catch me unawares again!!
Now I'm just naggy.
On a lighter note, my fella and I lay in bed last night laughing at the baby moving.  He's very busy in there and I could quite easily watch him for hours and hours.  Mr Beastie is recovering well after an operation and his sense of humour has started to return.  Just as well really, nothing worse than two naggy beasts in the same house!!
Today I have a meeting to discuss my maternity leave at work....I hope I can resist the urge to go for the first available date!  Why oh why did I use up all my holidays earlier in the year......grrrrr!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

26 weeks later.

Today my baby is 26 weeks grown.  I can hardly believe it and some days it still doesn't feel real. 
He kicks regularly and this has been great comfort while my OH has been in hospital, like having an imaginary friend to share my day with.  I guess it's a bit healthier than talking to myself :) 
It does, however, mean that there are only 14 bloody weeks until Christmas and my plan to make most of my gifts this year is falling behind schedule.  I need to finish the nursery before I can clear the crazy amount of baby 'stuff' I have gathered out of my sewing room.  No doubt another excuse will have surfaced by then and the sewing will be postponed yet further.
I recently visited a craft fair where my intention was to purchase Christmas gifts but all I purchased was a Sparrowarms button ring, (it looked awesome with my outfit), and a crocheted blue octopus for the baby.

On a different note, when I went for a wee I could have sworn that the baby was actually stomping on my bladder as I was weeing.  Faster mummy, faster..........little bugger!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm a snake master!

Well, another weekend has passed with my partner in hospital so it's pretty rubbish at home without him.  Operation today should fix him up nicely and a few weeks at home to recover.
On a brighter note, the nursery is almost fully wallpapered, (should get the last bits done tonight), and ready for painting.  I've decided to scrap all fanciful plans for decoration and just go very plain.  Blue walls, perhaps with a splash of colour and then plain curtains which I can add applique to.  At this stage I'd rather get it finished than create a masterpiece.  Baby won't be arsed what colour it is and I doubt I'll even notice at 3am!!
As the title of this post would suggest, I am now the snake master.  With my partner, (and fellow zoo-keeper), out of action I have had to maintain feeding/cleaning of said animals by myself.  This is fine when it's ferrets or lizards...even the spiders are fairly straightforward but the snakes are a different matter entirely.  Each night they have been prowling around their enclosures in full hunting mode and clearly very hungry.  I could put it off no longer and last night decided to feed them.  I won't go into the details of feeding but it does NOT and never will include live rodents.  The problem is, I've never done it before and only shown a vague interest when my OH is doing it.  The 'whooosh' always makes me jump as the snake strikes its prey and now it would be my hand holding the tongs!!  12 snakes all fed and happy by 11pm last night.  I was really sweating but very proud :)
Anyhoos, off to look busy....hope everyone had a great weekend xx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Limited Blogging.

Well, I can hardly believe it's been a whole week since my last blog post...and what a hectic and dramatic week it has been!
Saturday morning my partner took ill and a trip to A&E followed.  He's still in hospital and very, very bored.
Needless to say I've been manning the zoo, working and travelling to and fro from the hospital.  Hopefully he should only be in another week or so and we can get back to normal.  The world just isn't right when he's not at my arm is missing.
On a brighter note I passed the 25 week mark in pregnancy and had my corresponding midwife appointment.  Measurements are all fine and I heard his heartbeat again - which was awesome!

Have made a decision to tackle the nursery wallpaper tomorrow.  I'll just take it nice and slowly and try not to get stressed about it.  I've also had to rethink my elaborate decoration plans if I want to get it finished this side of the birth!  Still going to jazz it up, just not as spectacular as planned!

I shall, of course, be photographing as I go and, (fingers crossed), will have some developments to post about come Monday morning :)

Have a great weekend xx

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a quickie!

Well, hurrah for Fridays!  I've actually been busy at work today - which makes a's such a waste to spend 8 hours of your life clock-watching, (yes, that DOES say clock).
I'm waiting to hear if I can collect my new car today or if I have to wait even longer, thus ebbing away yet more of my 'I'm getting a new car...wooohooo' excitement.  I've officially sold my Mini and will part with it in the morning, (my sister-in-law has bought it so it's not going far), and was hoping to have my next wheels in place for a smoothe transition.  Alas, the seller of my gas-guzzling, safe and sturdy, size of a tank Nissan X-Trail had failed to notice that the MOT has lapsed.  I therefore have to wait until this is rectified.  BOO!!
Never mind, patience is a virtue and all that.  I just hate having to rely on other people to drive me about....I'm so glad I can still afford to run a car once the baby is here.  Not being able to visit the Mothership, (aka Abakhan Fabrics), or the Blue and Yellow Mecca, (aka Ikea), to buy piles of fabric would actually drive me insane.
I appear to be rambling.  This is a phenomenon I suffer from on a constant basis although I do try to keep it to myself, (and now my unborn son who is probably fed up of his mums voice already).

It is now my intent to refrain from weekend posts and instead take lots of photos of my weekend and post them on a Monday for everyone to peep at.

Have a good one y'all xx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ferret Palace, Baby Mess.

I make no secret that my house resembles a small, kinda freaky zoo.  The idea that my future son will be brought up around Pythons, Beardies and Frogs has sent shivers through many people but I'd have loved it as a child and I hope Baby Beastie does too.  It may also insprire him to become a reptile vet and save us a fortune!!
Our latest additions to the madhouse are two very cheeky ferrets.  They make awesome pets and are hilarious to watch but I don't deny that they smell a bit and have very,very sharp teeth.  These guys will definately NOT be meeting the baby for a good few years when he's old enough to whip his limbs out of harms way when a naughty ferret decides it's playtime!
We love all our animals, (apart from the cat - he's a whiney bitch), and therefore have spent a fortune on designing and building fabulous enclosures/vivariums/tanks for each and every one of them.  The ferrets are no exception.
A thought struck me though...why do my ferrets have a luxurious palace which took several weeks to build and yet the nursery for our unborn son lies dormant and a complete shit-tip?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A:

I therefore conclude that I am a shameful mother but an excellent zookeeper.....

I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.
I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.
I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.

Honest :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

16 weeks to go!

Yes, it's really true....I am 24 weeks pregnant today which seems amazing, (considering how sloooowly time has been passing).
Baby kicks a LOT these days and I spend far too much time just watching my belly jump and move.  It never ceases to amaze me.
About a week before my due date I'll actually realise what's about to happen and start to panic.....I've read and been told (unwillingly) about countless horror scenarios and all the things that will probably go wrong.  I am sensible enough to realise that these things probably don't happen that often and there is no point in getting stressed.....honest....I think.
I have been finding lots of things to do in order to avoid wallpapering the nursery.  Mostly clearing out lots of shite and getting it onto Ebay.  I wish you could make money through Ebay without actually having to answer stupid questions or arrange delivery of items...customers really piss me off sometimes.
I've also been engrossed in the third Millenium book (The girl who kicked the hornets nest).  My life will seem so empty once I finish this series.....just like the come-down after finishing all the Twilight books.
My next mini-project, (apart from finishing the nursery), will be planning for Christmas.  This may seem a tad eager but I want to hand-make as much as possible this year and I'm painfully slow at getting things done.  A lack of money will force me to get creative this year which should be motive enough.
My constant back-ache (a lovely new pregnancy symptom I acquired this week) is playing up again so I'm off for a wander.  The fact that I may find sweets on desks as I go is neither here nor there........