Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yoga or Pilates?

Answer - Chance would be a fine thing!
Every pregnancy magazine I read at the moment, (and I've been reading far too many), advises me that now is the time to take up yoga or pilates to keep my body and mind in shape and ease the birthing process.
I live in North Wales, we're lucky to have a swimming pool let alone a Wellness centre offering 'Hug Sessions' whilst chatting about our 4x4 landcruisers and the cost of private schooling.
I did a search for yoga in my local area.  One teacher offered sessions in my house during the day.  Firstly, I work full time and secondly my house is so full of wierd pets and chaos that any kind of flailing about would be considered dangerous.
Besides, I'm far too busy being grumpy and shoveling yoghurt into my face!
Work is seriously boring right now.  They have dumped me in an office with no supervision or work to do.  Now, this may sound awesome to most people but after 4 weeks I want to jab blunt objects deep into my eyeballs.  The highlight of each day is marking off the days on my wallchart and knowing that maternity leave is that little bit closer.
Looking forward to a much needed trip to Scotland next week.  My mum has been knitting furiously for the baby and it's little secret that she is (unofficially) the worlds best knitter.  A short stopover at my dads to display my bump then over to the coast for a bit of fishing.  Just hope all this rain buggers off...I don't want to be confined to the campervan all week!
My next post will be 2 weeks today which just happens to be the day of my 20 week scan.  Hopefully we should find out what flavour the bubba is and decide on a name once and for all!!
Until then, have a smashing few weeks xx  Oh, and Happy Birthday to Jenny xx

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Perfect Presents.

The more I think about the website Blurb, the more I love it.  Lets face it, I'm never going to make the big time with my crude drawings and silly rhymes but what a fantastic thing it is to have books I've written and will read to my children.  As the kids grow and attempt their own stories I can upload their books and watch with pride as they thumb through their first publication.....ok, not quite - but you know what I mean!
My latest book about Eddie the crab will be the inspiration for decorating the nursery, (if we ever get round to relocating the beetle breeding project)!  The walls will be an underwater coral reef with beautiful fish and hermit's going to be awesome.  I may want to have it as my room instead!
I purchased another pregnancy book on the advice of a colleague.  I had rather given up on them as I've failed to find definitive answers to any of my questions.  I'm 18 weeks pregnant, (tomorrow), so how big is my baby?  An easy one you might have thought but, alas, sources tell me it's anything from the size of an avocado up to 20cm in length...that's a big avocado!!  Don't get me wrong, if I'm suffering from heartburn or need help chosing maternity clothes then a wealth of information is out there waiting to assist me.  Perhaps I'll send in some photos of my not-quite-big-enough-for-maternity-clothes-yet clothing modifications.  I have a feeling that my Hair Bobble Fastener for Trousers would go down a storm and make me rich!
On a slightly different note, I was horrified in the supermarket yesterday after overhearing a nice young lady talking about her darling son, (who looked far too old to be in a buggy).  She was telling a friend that she "doesn't get any effing sleep these days because of the effing baby, he's always effing whinging and she's fed up of him".  I shall refrain from my rant about advocating the sterilisation of certain sectors of society and instead read up a bit more about home-schooling.  Do I really want my children learning social skills from the offspring of brainless, chain-smoking eejits? 
Until next time...well, tomorrow probably x

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, glorious Monday!

Here we are again, bleary-eyed and cursing the working week.  I am actually enjoying every Monday that passes at the moment as it takes me one step closer to baby-day and a brand new chapter in my life.
The weekend seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.  Our new Royal Pythons have been collected, ( a mammoth 5 hour round trip), and settled in to their new home.  I happened to fall deeply in love with a GIANT toad in the pet shop...he was gorgeous!  He's officially been added to my wish list of pets.
Sunday was spent eating a large selection of delicious treats at a christening with the Jones family.  I literally didn't move from the buffet table for the first hour and ate enough to feed six growing babies.
I have finally taken a 'bump' photo or two:

Baby sure is growing fast!
I also received some photos from my awesome mum showing a new cardigan she has knitted for Baby Jones.  It has been kindly modelled by my stepdads gorgeous gorilla....lets hope baby is just as cute!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decisions decisions.

My morning has been dedicated to money today, (i.e - will I have any once the baby arrives)!
The answer is an astounding 'YES'!  Having used the goverments interactive benefits website it would seem that muggins here should have been popping out the kids years ago instead of forging a career.  Not only will I be just as well off financially I will also be able to set up my own business and spend all day with my cherubs - when they arrive in due course.
My sock monkeys have caused a quite a stir on Ebay.  Mind you, anything more than no reaction is a big success in my eyes so I may be exaggerating somewhat.  Even so, I've been e-mailed comments almost daily with regards to them and had an encouraging amount of bids.  I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'd have to make 10+ per day to make a decent income, I'll be lucky to construct one when the baby arrives.  Sewing its limbs in the correct place is another matter altogether.
The big decision of the day is when should I start my maternity leave?  Week 29 is looking ever-more tempting with each passing day...that's only 12 weeks away.  Hell, I could have a one-woman sock monkey festival in that time!
It's fun writing this wee blog...creates the illusion that I have friends..haha!

Lunch is calling to me so off I pop, not long until the weekend now folks xx

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You are 17 weeks old Baby Jones!

Dear Baby Jones,
Today I am 17 weeks pregnant with you.  I think you are celebrating this with extra efforts at moving as I've been feeling strange sensations since yesterday.  It's much appreciated :)
Been having trouble sleeping as I'm so excited that you'll be moving about soon...I lie awake waiting to feel a definate kick or wiggle from you.  I guess the sleepless nights are good practice!
Every day I count down to when we'll meet, it's all I think about these days and my brain is pretty much incapable of processing any other information.  Your dad says I'm a 'nightmare' and hopes my faculties return once you're born.  Your dad is a cheeky monkey by the way!!
So, I'm sitting here at work doing nothing constructive for an organisation that really couldn't care less what I'm doing each day.  I relish in these lessons and hope to pass on to you a desire to dedicate your life to something worthwhile and interesting.  It's better to persue your dreams than someone else's.
On a lighter note, could you please decide what foods you like to eat?  It's exhausting trying to keep up with the daily changes in my appetite....all those lollipops I bought which may never be eaten!  I also beg you to reconsider your dislike of spicy foods, I've never really been a korma-kinda-girl before and I am missing my jalepenos.
Dad should get the new ferret house finished this week and more snakes are arriving on Saturday.  I hope you like growing up in a zoo.  Your awesome dad makes everything interesting and his love of all creatures, (except our cat), is inspiring.  We are rather running out of room though!!
Your fruit fetish has kicked in again so I'm off to scoff some nectarines.  Perhaps you could consider a less costly craving although I love the fact that you're so healthy!
This is your mother signing off.
Later little alligator xxx

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hooray For Pregnant Bellies!

But BOOOOO to feeling sick.  Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy being pregnant another bout of nausea strikes and once again I'm shaking and whimpering on the sofa trying to shove Opal Fruits* into my mouth for a sugar hit! 
Still, back at work again this week and many comments made about the increase in my bump size...which is lovely.  The birth seems a million, billion years away though.  Yes yes, I know what you're'll pass before I know it...careful what I wish for...sleepless nights and nappies etc etc.  I'm not wishing the whole pregnancy would pass in the blink of an eye, just getting impatient waiting to feel the baby move and find out what flavour the wee monkey is!  Hopefully then I will be glowing and feel wonderful but I am starting to suspect that all the reports of feeling wonderful when pregnant were written post-birth by happy, gooey-eyed new mothers holding a bundle of joy in their arms.
My reality is that I am tired - a LOT, nausea cripples me without warning, maternity leave is teasing me as it's just too far away to get excited about not working, I have daily stomach cramps as my body pulls and stretches, my brain has ceased to function correctly, I have no idea how I'll cope without my salary, I haven't felt even a hint of baby movement (I am only 16.5 weeks though) and the next scan is still a month away.  I want to skip through a meadow with flowing golden hair and a perfect little bump...laughing and singing without a care in the world.
How does my wonderful partner feel about the mother of his darling baby?  He describes me daily as being a nightmare and hopes that my brain and ability to think returns soon after the birth.......*grrrrr*.
On the upside, being pregnant is truly amazing and I have no doubt, once baby is here, I will write reports of a glowing and fabulous pregnancy.  I shall also enjoy passing on horror stories to all mothers-to-be as seems to be tradition!
Until next my sock monkeys on Ebay!!

* They will always be Opal Fruits to me, not silly Starburst and since when did they remove the yellow ones and replace them with ghastly purple ones??!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hooray - I'm Pregnant!

Yep, it's actually true....a baby Mackay-Jones is growing as we speak.
At 16 weeks I'm over the usual hurdles and venturing into the exciting bits.
It's funny though, the initial overwhelming excitement is so quickly replaced with nausea, impatience and a constant wonder if you're actually pregnant at all.  Four different pregnancy tests were not enough to convince me!  Not until I saw that waving, kicking miracle on the screen at my 12 week scan did I actually allow myself to believe it!  Still, it's not until 15/16 weeks that you start to look a bit pregnant, (rather than having eaten too much lunch), and then 18 weeks or so until you can actually feel the wee bugger.  The first trimester is really quite boring if you ask me.
Still, lots to look forward to.  As soon as I know what flavour the baby is I can start to write a series of books with my little nipper as the star.  I also plan to decorate the baby's nursery based on illustrations from one of the books...make it kinda personal :)
No bump photos available at this time as I just look podgy!
Here's a scan piccy instead xxx

And photos of the shawl my amazing mum has knitted for the baby: