Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Snails Anyone?

It is 2.43am.
My son has been up for 20 minutes.  As I try to type he is demanding my attention over at the snail tank....every so often the snails are rewarded with a break as he 'assists' the poor hamster to spin his wheel. 
This nightime escapade follows, at a rough, weary guestimate, an hour of lying on my sons floor punctuated by singing, cuddling and a bokkie milk.  The beast then awoke fully demanding 'pasta and meat'.
Seldom do I give in and come downstairs but I really needed a brew.  Saying that, he rarely wakens at this hour so I can forgive a rare nocturnal episode.  It just means that he will sleep at nursery tomorrow and piss my £40 fee up the wall slightly.  And I will have to work very tired....but that I am used to along with the rest of the working parents out there.

Anything but crying...or screaming...or biting.  Hamster baiting is actually encouraged.

Look how tired he is:

Please let it be sleep time soon....amen x

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