Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Four down - a billion to go!

Last night involved the usual rushing around and not getting very much done! Working full time really gets in the way of doing the fun, rewarding things in life. Maybe one day my crafting and writing will pay me just enough so I don't have to face 8 hours in the lab each day.
Anyhoos, book number 4 was finished last night and is now proudly displayed on Blurb. It's dedicated to my nephew, Liam, who has lots of snakes living in his house, (although his python is actually called Morag)!
I've included some photos of my painting nest, how does Rich put up with my mess?

Now that I've finished all the books that were written for particular people I can get cracking on some more general ones. I think I need to try a more in-depth style of illustration too, just takes so long to get them done.
I hope your Tuesday goes faster than mine!

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