Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come back summer, all is forgiven!

I seem to have missed summer this year, all the excitement about being pregnant means I remember very little else about the past few months, I hope I didn't miss anything important!
The countdown to Baby Jones arriving has prompted a strange shopping list which includes everyday items such as a new freezer, extra mugs and a record player, (to name but a few).  The way I see it, once baby is here I'll be on maternity pay and unable to buy much at all...not that I'll want to do anything other than stare at my son all day long.
We invested in a new swing for the garden which I plan to spend many happy hours on next summer just gently rocking with the baby....does life get any better than that?!  Here is said swing and the view of the pond that it presents:

On a different, and exponentially more exciting, note - I saw my baby kick with my very own eyes.  Words cannot describe how amazing it was and my heart jumps a little every time I think about it.  Pregnancy is amazing.  Even the crap bits :)
I'm torn between wishing the days away so I can meet my son and chilling out and relishing every movement and kick for the next few months.
Roll on Christmas (at a medium pace) and that glass of red wine that I've been dreaming about!!

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