Monday, August 16, 2010

From Top to Bottoms in about 20 mins.

I have finally fired up the sewing machine...well, overlocker to be precise but same thing.
I decided to face my fear of making clothes for my son and, having thrown all cutesy girl fabric to one side, realised I have very few fabrics for boys that weren't boring and plain.  All of the funky fabrics online that I ADORE - mushrooms, campervans and the like - are far outwith my current budget so drastic action was required.  Hardcore recycling!
First up - one of my favourite old tops that I wanted to try and make into a pair of trousers.
This is how it went:
Here is the original top before chop-chopping began.
I cut off both sleeves plus some extra to allow for the top of the trousers....completely guessed where to cut.  This gives you 2 pieces as below.  Fold one of the 'sleeves' inside out and place right side one inside it so it looks like this:
Then, pin together the open ends that will form the crotch...that doesn't make much sense but I've taken a photo:
Run this through the sewing machine, (or overlocker as I prefer as it's neater...well worth investing in one in my opinion)!  I also ran the overlocker around the top as it chops and seals the ends:
Turn trousers right way in:
Haha, even managed to get the Levi's tab on stylish!  Now, the problem with not measuring anything, or following sewing rules in general, means that you end up not leaving enough height in the fabric to fully elasticate the waist so I'll fashion an alternative using a tube of fabric and bit of elastic....I'll let you know how that works out.
Going to try making dungarees out of some old jeans now...need to work out how to cut them to keep the snazzy pockets...oooh, in fact, I'll cut one of the big pockets to sew onto the front...may even do a bit of applique...fancy!

Right, feeling rather sickly now as baby needs calories....naughty me should know better than not eat for 10 mins!!

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