Friday, August 13, 2010

The Lost Book Club.

My most excellent and inspiring big brother is currently travelling around South America, regularly sending photos and updates back home of his amazing travels.  I always had it in my head that this would be an incredibly dangerous type of trip, just moving from place to place, hostel to hostel and enjoying the atmosphere rather than stressing about hotels and hire cars.  It turns out that I am just a massive feardy-cat!
The trip looks out of this world and he seems to have met some interesting and wonderful people along the way.  A symptom of all this travelling seems to be a major increase in reading books which has, in turn, prompted the creation of . It started initially as a place to review the book you just read before passing it on to someone else to read thus giving you a chance to track your book as well as encouraging reading and recycling.  The website now includes a place to review hostels etc and a section on free language notes which you can download, the German ones are excellent!
My favourite part is the positive thought section where anyone and everyone can link or upload things that inspire them in life, it makes for very powerful reading.
The website is designed for anyone to use and it's all totally free :)

Here is a photo of Big Beastie in Lima with the gorgeous Irish Beastie.  Kermit is also enjoying the travelling!

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