Wednesday, September 22, 2010

13 Weeks To Go!

Baby is 27 weeks grown today.....seems like only last week that I took that pregnancy test, (all 5 of them).
I have a rough idea of how big the baby is although different books tell me very different things and it can get rather confusing at times.  I don't understand why the measurements are given from head to bum, what about his legs - don't they count too?
13 weeks still feels like such a long time.  At every stage of being pregnant people insist that it will fly by but it really hasn't.  I have been sooooo excited about having a baby that time seems to have stood still.  A side effect of this is that I haven't given a lot of thought to birth plans etc.  In my head it feels like planning something that will happen in about 2 years time but the reality is that it's almost here. 
I booked my ante natal classes last week too.  I'm not going to the fancy-pants ones that you must pay for just the good old NHS ones.  I begrudge paying someone to show me how to bath a baby!  I'm mainly going along to socialise with other pregnant ladies and mums, I've tended to avoid them in the past due to being wildly jealous of their bumps!  I remember attending a baby-event with Usborne Books back in April and everywhere I looked were pregnant women, (funnily enough).  It was like torture for me.  Little did I know I was actually pregnant at the is strange sometimes!
I am unclear with the protocol of mum and baby groups it ok to go along and say hello before you have the baby?  Just the thought of it instantly transports me back to school days where my place in the world as a social outcast began! 
I just hope that motherhood brings out my sociable side!!


  1. I was never one for mum and baby groups, but I took Sam to a baby massage group and baby swimming lessons.

    I did make very good friends with a mum I met on a baby forum as our babies were due around the same time (born 5 days apart) and she only lived 5 miles away. The boys are 5 next month and we are still friends.

    When did you decide to start your maternity leave? That flies by!


  2. I struggled to decide on a date for maternity leave...should I go off asap and relax or wait until the last possible minute? I decided to leave work 4 weeks before baby is due so I'll work until the end of November.
    I can't wait to take the baby swimming, been ages since I was in the pool myself!

    Kerry x

  3. I hated mother and baby groups. Hated them. Loads. Uragh. The antenatal classes were enough for me, and even those were dire.

    I'm so excited about seeing your little baby. How amazing. All this mummy blogging is making me broody. Deary me!

    Becca x

  4. Congratulations on the pregnancy. I remember crying (real tears) to a girl friend in December 09 about how desperately I wanted a baby, only to find out four days later that I was already a couple of weeks pregnant! It's a funny ol' thing, life!

    One word of advice? Ditch the books - they'll confuse you and you'll have no confidence in your own mothering ability. Just listen to your baby and follow his/her lead.

    Best of luck!