Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Naggy Naggy Naggy!

I am very naggy today and not entirely sure why.  In fact, I have been in a defiant mood since the weekend when an unexpected episode caught me off guard and I sobbed for over an hour.  It's been a while since anything affected me like this and I'm determined not to dwell on it too long.  It can be tough though not having any close friends to talk openly with and I lie awake at night performing the usual conflict resolution in my own mind.  I like to fully understand my reactions to these situations so they don't catch me unawares again!!
Now I'm just naggy.
On a lighter note, my fella and I lay in bed last night laughing at the baby moving.  He's very busy in there and I could quite easily watch him for hours and hours.  Mr Beastie is recovering well after an operation and his sense of humour has started to return.  Just as well really, nothing worse than two naggy beasts in the same house!!
Today I have a meeting to discuss my maternity leave at work....I hope I can resist the urge to go for the first available date!  Why oh why did I use up all my holidays earlier in the year......grrrrr!


  1. Aaw, thanks :) Hugs always appreciated!
    I am in quite good spirits today though as I am being rather rude and obnoxious to everyone entering my office....it has cheered me up!

  2. You're sooo allowed to be naggy my dear. Pregnancy allows for it. Honestly. And yes, big hugs off me too x

    Becca x