Wednesday, September 1, 2010

16 weeks to go!

Yes, it's really true....I am 24 weeks pregnant today which seems amazing, (considering how sloooowly time has been passing).
Baby kicks a LOT these days and I spend far too much time just watching my belly jump and move.  It never ceases to amaze me.
About a week before my due date I'll actually realise what's about to happen and start to panic.....I've read and been told (unwillingly) about countless horror scenarios and all the things that will probably go wrong.  I am sensible enough to realise that these things probably don't happen that often and there is no point in getting stressed.....honest....I think.
I have been finding lots of things to do in order to avoid wallpapering the nursery.  Mostly clearing out lots of shite and getting it onto Ebay.  I wish you could make money through Ebay without actually having to answer stupid questions or arrange delivery of items...customers really piss me off sometimes.
I've also been engrossed in the third Millenium book (The girl who kicked the hornets nest).  My life will seem so empty once I finish this series.....just like the come-down after finishing all the Twilight books.
My next mini-project, (apart from finishing the nursery), will be planning for Christmas.  This may seem a tad eager but I want to hand-make as much as possible this year and I'm painfully slow at getting things done.  A lack of money will force me to get creative this year which should be motive enough.
My constant back-ache (a lovely new pregnancy symptom I acquired this week) is playing up again so I'm off for a wander.  The fact that I may find sweets on desks as I go is neither here nor there........


  1. i remember that wiggling inside feeling, loverly isn't it! don't fret the whole birth thing, i went in with no expectations each time and ended up with 2 completly different and special births.
    up your feet up and enjoy it all, it ends to soon (although you won't feel like that in a couple of weeks!). big hugs Xx

  2. By 39 weeks you'll be raring to go. I was. In fact do raring that that second one came out at 37 weeks (that doesn't make sense..i know)

  3. I'm already growing more impatient by the day, not because I'm uncomfortable - I LOVE being pregnant, but because I wanna meet my son.
    A couple of weeks early would be perfect as he's due 22nd December and I have images of a very fat, grumpy me scowling at all the wine-drinkers on Christmas day!
    Once the maternity leave starts I'll be super-chilled :)

  4. I'd forgot how slowly time goes when you're pregnant.
    I used to love feeling him move inside me... Oooo you're making me broody! Teehee! xx

  5. Everyone warned me about all the 'nasties' of pregnancy as well as all the things that can go wrong.....but no-one mentioned once just how S.L..O..W...L..Y time passes. Even today at 26 weeks it's dragging. Each day I get comments like "ooh, not be long now". I never thought that 9 months could feel like 9 years :) x