Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ferret Palace, Baby Mess.

I make no secret that my house resembles a small, kinda freaky zoo.  The idea that my future son will be brought up around Pythons, Beardies and Frogs has sent shivers through many people but I'd have loved it as a child and I hope Baby Beastie does too.  It may also insprire him to become a reptile vet and save us a fortune!!
Our latest additions to the madhouse are two very cheeky ferrets.  They make awesome pets and are hilarious to watch but I don't deny that they smell a bit and have very,very sharp teeth.  These guys will definately NOT be meeting the baby for a good few years when he's old enough to whip his limbs out of harms way when a naughty ferret decides it's playtime!
We love all our animals, (apart from the cat - he's a whiney bitch), and therefore have spent a fortune on designing and building fabulous enclosures/vivariums/tanks for each and every one of them.  The ferrets are no exception.
A thought struck me though...why do my ferrets have a luxurious palace which took several weeks to build and yet the nursery for our unborn son lies dormant and a complete shit-tip?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit A:

I therefore conclude that I am a shameful mother but an excellent zookeeper.....

I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.
I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.
I shall tackle the wallpapering this weekend.

Honest :)

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