Thursday, September 23, 2010

Luscious Lashes.

I don't exactly recall where I came across the concept of eyelashes for cars.  Had I merely read about the topic I would have scoffed at the chavvyness of it all and sworn myself to hate them for all eternity.  Fortunately, there was a photo of said lashes and for some reason I absolutely LOVE them!

I forgot to look online for them last night though so my car remains lashless until further notice.

I am constantly fighting off sleep at the moment, my energised self is slowly ebbing away as my enormous bump grows ad infinitum.  The second I get home after work I have to 'go Go GO' like hell to get some housework and zookeeper jobs completed before I'm flat out on the sofa.  I'm finding it very hard to get comfortable in bed at the moment which doesn't help much.  I still wake up in a panic having turned to lie on my back whilst sleeping.....fortunately I remember just in time that I mustn't turn too quick which sends pain shooting through my stomach muscles. 
I must check with the midwife about sleeping on my back.  The books lead me to believe that this will harm the baby but surely my body (or the baby) would tell me if I was causing the baby discomfort?  I just don't know.  I've stopped reading books about pregnancy now...they are the devils work!


  1. Lashes update - My OH has just told me that if I put lashes on my car I will be parking it down the street and away from the house in future!!


  2. They are pretty cute aren't they! Your OH does have a point though ;) x

  3. I might get some and stick them on his car :)

  4. I've never seen these before - they are hilarious!! I can see why your man might make you park up the street, though...

    I kinda want those lashes for myself, you know...

    I can also well remember the uncomfortableness and utter tiredness of being so pregnant. I believe that sleeping on your back isn't recommended as it can push on the blood supply to the baby... so, no, don't be doing that!! Get one of those boomerang shaped pillows and cuddle it on your half side (complicated, but I hope you're with me?) That really worked for me. x

  5. PS - whoa, sorry about the long comment. I have a tendency to ramble!! x

  6. I could probably waffle on for Wales myself, I love a fellow rambler :)
    I have one of those breastfeeding pillows but need to practice I hard to get comfortable.
    I have decided to be a lashes donator instead and apply them to other peoples cars late at night....just wonder if I could be arrested for such things!