Sunday, October 3, 2010

Greetings October!

Well, I can hardly believe that October is here...still feels like forever until the baby is due *hurumph*.
I'm beginning to feel rather uncomfortable now and there are still over 11 weeks to go...yikes!  My recent lack of blogging is due to being off work last week, I felt exhausted with spatterings of nausea, heartburn and constipation....hoorah!  Still, baby is fine though.  He is a champion kicker and had a mega strong heartbeat at my 28 week check up last week.
I realised that I never did post any photos of the nursery upon 'completion'.  I use that word lightly as it's now full of boxes of clothes and packs of nappies!!  I ended up going for plain and simple in the end....the fabulous underwater scenes will have to wait until he's a bit older.
I'm so lucky to know lots of uber-crafters who have knitted, crocheted and sewn all sort of amazing pressies for Baby.  By the way, that's a can of Sprite in the photo despite looking suspiciously like a can of lager....haha!  Although, after finally getting the walls painted I really was in need of a beer....roll on December!
Right, this bloody chair is making my belly all scrunched is kicking in protest and I have to move.
Time for a brew and a couple of biccies xxx


  1. if you wait till babys older you'll end up with thomas the tank engine instead of underwater themes! choo choo

  2. How lovely! I especially like that strawberry vest, bloody gorgeous.

    Becca x

  3. Yikes, I was hoping to avoid existing themes as I am completely pants at art.....corals and wierd fish are easy...trains - not so much :)

    Bought that vest on of the few 'new' purchases I made for the baby. Is it wrong to want one in my size?