Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Bee.

Apologies for the lack of blogging, I ventured up to Scotland to visit my family and parade my big baby bump!
It was great to catch up with everyone including a couple of school friends who were very honest about childbirth and babies without feeling the need to tell me about what can go wrong etc.  Have had enough horror stories and "Just you wait" comments to last me a lifetime.
I've been reading another birth story at a brilliant blog found HERE.  Every post makes me laugh and this is no exception.
On the crafting front, I made a prototype keyring for my mum and am slowly progressing through my crochet blanket:

Today I shall be mostly packing my hospital bag and attempting a snazzy clutch bag.
Well, that's the plan but don't be surprised if I sit rather still watching tv instead!


  1. The crochet blanket is looking great! And the keyring is lovely too.
    I would have visited your blog earlier, but couldn't find a link to it in your profile page. You have a lovely blog and I hope the pregnancy is going well! :) x

  2. Why thankyou Jenevieve :)
    Pregnancy is going really well - I'm so lucky!
    The crochet blanket is going to take me at least 6 years to complete...I'm a tad slow!