Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can I Crochet? Yes I Can!

Having tried to master the art of crochet once before I didn't hold out much hope for my recent desire to have another go.  Still, I purchased a shiney new crochet hook on the fabric run yesterday to illustrate my dedication to learning this skill.
There I sat last night with a set of instructions and created nothing but complete and utter tangled, tight, twisted shite!  Each attempt made me increasingly cross and got thrown sulkily in the bin.  One square, I only wanted to learn one square so I can make a blanket....but no. 
Well, did the amazing Sparrowarms not happen to visit this morning and very, very kindly embarked on a training session.  I watched, rather jealously, as she made these:

I refused to have a go in front of her as I was quite certain it would be messy.
After a few attempts and self-corrections, my square looked increasingly square-like:

By jove, I think it's working.....and I am super-fantastically excited!
Not much sewing done today but who cares when you can finally crochet.

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  1. Good on you, I'm learning here too, mine are not looking great they are round looking but I have decided to use them as christmas decorations for the tree as they look a bit like snowflakes :) rather than granny squares.

    All things nice...