Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a Scrubber!

Well, of sorts at pregnancy cleaning exploits reached an alltime high this morning when I got out of the shower to grab a scrubbing brush to scrub the bathroom tiles - whilst having a shower! 
I can't deny that I am pleased with the results but it's at times like that I can't help but feel my body and mind have been kidnapped.  I admire each freshly cleaned part of the house with wonder and have to remind myself that it was in fact me who scrubbed it.  Maybe it's a subconscious way of blocking out the sheer horror of cleaning and leave only the satisfaction and lovely smell. 
Officially hit the 29 week mark this morning.  Now that I'm a lady of leisure, time has finally sped up and the days are whizzing will be here in no time :)
I hope we get the snakes set up in their new homes in front room now looks like a pet shop:

Baby will occupy the bottom left vivarium.  Of course I'm joking - a baby needs at least a 3ft viv!!
Right, off to get out some pork chops for tea and then sit on my arse with a brew and some dunking biccies :)


  1. Thanks for linking up to Grateful Saturday. How exciting that you're preggers with your first - it takes me back to a really special time in my own life.

    I agree about feeling great about a clean house and forgetting that it was actually myself that made it happen! I'm a total scrubber as well!! x

  2. Came over from the blog hop. Wanted to say hi - am now very intrigued about the snakes?!

  3. Thanks Max :) Just wish the house would stay tidy!

    Hey Eba, we breed Royal Pythons in our mad house. Have 18 so far with another arriving in about a week. I also have Basilisks (they look like actual dinosaurs) as well as a collection of other wierd critters.
    Keeps me out of trouble...not sure how easy it will be when the baby arrives in December though!! xx