Saturday, October 9, 2010

So much to do, so little motivation!

Just can't get moving today.  I am, at least, washed and dressed but my arse is firmly glued to my seat watching the Commonwealth Games!  To be fair though, the list of tasks I have assigned myself for today are far from fun so it's little wonder I can't face least 2 of them involve animal poo.
On a more positive note I just completed another online YouGov survey and finally hit £50 in earnings.  A cheque is on its way and certainly not to be sniffed at.  It's hardly an income that will sustain me once the baby has arrived though but every little bit helps!
Finally, may I just vent my irritation at the 'Go Compare' adverts.  It has now reached the stage where I have to mute the tv and sit scowling until it's over.  I have never and will never purchase any products from a company who can create such a brainless, annoying ad campaign!
Now then.....perhaps a cup of tea before I get moving.

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