Sunday, October 24, 2010

Purses Purses Everywhere!

Well, not quite but I managed to get 6 made this afternoon and I am rather in love with them.  Another awesome tutorial from Noodlehead and possibly one of the most straightforward and faff-free things I've made for ages.
It feels so good to finally work my way through Christmas pressie projects :)

Here's some proof of my sewing frenzy:

I even used one of my own Weebeastie labels as the loop to which I can attach a keyring.  This will make it a handy wallet for travelling or a night out as you can clip it safely to your person!
The creation of each wallet takes about 30 mins - an hour (depending on how much I stop to feel baby kicks) so making more will be easy peasy.  Tomorrow I shall mostly be tackling the washbag - complete with waterproof lining.  It's a bit of a fancy-pants pattern from a book so I'll probably be baffled from the start.  I tend to cut out the patterns and then disregard the instructions...much less frustrating!!  I may dabble in sock monkey creation and hair clips too for my younger relatives.
Well, another Monday morning is fast approaching and I count my blessings that I'm at home now until my maternity leave starts.  Off to enjoy a relaxing brew and crochet a few more blanket squares.....just hope I have time for crafting once Baby Jones is here!


  1. The purses are cute! Pretty fabric. Looking forward to seeing your next Christmas projects! :) x