Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling VERY pregnant!

I admit it, I've been a rubbish blogger recently and have very few excuses other than feeling very tired and VERY pregnant now.  I mostly am unable to do the following:

- Bend
- Sleep
- Sew
- Shop
- Sit/Lie still
- Eat a large meal
- Go 5 minutes without needing a wee

I have been very fortunate throughout this pregnancy and managed to avoid most of the horrid symptoms.  Being off work on full pay is also a blessing and it is for these reasons that I shall not complain too much.
I was 33 weeks yesterday and it's won't be long at all until Baby Jones is here...hooooray!

Very excited today as I have my first ante-natal class tonight, I must remember my list of ten million questions!   Also hoping to complete my first Christmas pressie sewing project this afternoon, (all of the wallets have been given away already so am back to square one in terms of Xmas sewing)!!

Well, my eyelids are heavy after a nice walk in the bracing wind earlier today so am off to chill in the comfy chair.



  1. Hope the ante-natal class goes well! I've not being pregnant yet, so don't know what it's like, but you must be so excited about the arrival of baby Jones! :) x

  2. You. Must stop giving presents away early. You won't have time to replace them. The wallets were lovely and I hope you get a chance to replenish your stock.

  3. Thanks Jenevieve, I'm just back from the class and wasn't too spoke to eachother and they didn't mention anything that I haven't already read in the million books I've read!

  4. CC, giving things away is my downfall....I'm just so happy that someone would want the things I've made. I'm worse with my childrens picture books (see Blurb link top right) as I LOVE reading to kids and want everyone else to enjoy what I've written!
    Think I'll have to hide the Christmas crafting away so I can't give it away!