Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Well, how about that for a break from blogging?  Feels like forever since I last posted and I wish I had an excuse such as 'Baby has arrived'.  But, alas, I am now overdue and awaiting the inevitable Christmas Day Labour Fiasco to begin.  Lets face it, if anyone is going to be up to their armpits in contractions when they should be eating cakes it's going to be me!  I can't say I mind too much though, the excitement of finally meeting my son and first child is almost overwhelming and I know that every single contraction is one closer to that special moment.
Well, it's Christmas Eve and I shall mostly be restricting my cleaning frenzy today...although massive swollen fingers and ankles have meant that I'm not in the mood for anything really, (please note - I know all about my swollen bits being an indication of serious things but I am fine, baby is fine and I officially closed my ears to negative comments and all the horrific things that can go wrong)!! 
Despite being fully prepared for Christmas this year I still have a few things to construct craft-wise so may indulge in a spot of sewing today....when Baby arrives I doubt I'll get any sewing time for a while so best make the most of it I guess.

I do hope that you are all looking forward to Christmas and New Year this year and that you will be spending it with loved ones and people that love you.  Try not to stress out, what's the point?
Catch you all on the flip side of festivities and childbirth (fingers crossed) and may 2011 bring everything that you need for a most excellent year xxx

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