Saturday, March 5, 2011

Give Me Strength!

Phew!  Been one hell of a day and it's not over yet!  My bubba has spent most of it screaming.....not crying, actually wailing and shrieking.  It's utterly heartbreaking.  He's really tired but as soon as he gets off to sleep he throws his arms in the air and cries out.....I have concluded that it's trapped wind as he's farting for Wales every time I pick him up.  I've given him Infacol and he's downed almost 5oz of water (even refused milk as it's water he wanted) but nothing seems to shift his bloody wind.  I suspect that it's not the formula so much as all the other variables that cause these problems.  Have the bottles been sterilised correctly, did you make up the bottle bang-on and to the right temperature, how long before you fed him did you make the bottle etc etc.  It really is tough for a mum who so desperately wanted to breastfeed to see her baby going through this pain.
I'm just trying to ride the formula train until I can start the weaning process but it's very hard.
He's now straining and crying to have a poo so I need to give him reassuring cuddles with a G&T for me afterwards me thinks!
Wish me luck! xxx

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