Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blogging Jumble.

Yes, I know....where the hell have I been?
Well, having observed Bubba for a couple of days acting a bit more wierd than normal I decided to ring NHS Direct and they instructed me to take him directly to A&E.....nothing like an over-reaction to set the heart racing!  Basically, to cut a long story short, we had to stay in hospital for 3 nights, nothing was wrong but they gave him a blood test, 3 lumbar punctures and an IV course of antibiotics for good measure.  The nurses were amazing but the doctors a nightmare as they insisted Bubba must be having seizures or something equally worrying.....there was simply no telling them that he just has bad wind and was rather tired.
Speaking of nightmares, the following day after leaving hospital it was Baby Clinic time and I trundled up there for the first time, (no pesky Health Visitors invading my home anymore...hooray)!  The 'lady' looked at Bubba's bum in horror.  I should point out that due to the antibiotics we were enjoying a runny poo festival which had given my son a sore bum.  It was a straighforward sore bum for which I was administering lashings of Sudocrem and it was clearing slowly.  Not so according to the 'lady'.  He most definately had thrush and I was neglecting to seek proper treatment.  I tried to explain that a Paediat.....Baby Doctor had seen him the previous day but she was having none of it.  Baby was crying, I was stressed and I left almost in tears.  Not a good experience.  I want to take my baby's perfectly healed bum and stick it right in that bitch's face.  I hope she has thrush.

On the crafting front I am mostly cracking on with a crochet blanket for my middle-little sister to take to Uni later this year.  I must say I'm rather pleased with it although it meant I just had to buy more wool much to my partners dismay......by dismay I mean "What the fuck do you need more bastard wool for"?  Hehe.

Bubba is now 11 weeks old and amuses himself by peeing on me every time I change his nappy...little bugger.  He took it to new heights the other night when he projectile shat all over me....not good at 3am and having just peed all over the first clean nappy, (and my shoulder).  We've moved him into his own room and the big cot...mainly for sanity reasons but partially to protect my partner....if I see him sleeping whilst I'm feeding the baby then I really want to kill him.  Bubba sleeps much better now.  I'm planning to go back to Baby Clinic and tell the 'lady' that I've made this move and also tried him on a spoon of baby rice.  That should rile the bitch a wee bit!!

Right, that beer in the fridge is simply not going to drink itself.  I think I should adjust my pre-baby aspirations of becoming Mother of the Year.....I honestly thought it would be easy!!

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