Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayhem Monday!

Well, another weekend over...not that it matters at the moment, all the days of the week merge into one on maternity leave and the weeks flow by quite freely.  This would be fantastic were it not for the fact that August will be here before I know it and I'll have to get my ass back to work.  How on earth will I be able to leave my baby and who would I leave him with?  Perhaps I should start researching into childcare but I'm living in denial that I will ever have to leave him at all.  Darn that pesky lottery....about time my numbers came up.
It's been quite a busy weekend as we're putting the house up for sale and the estate agents are coming to take photographs today.  The house is, (almost), sparkling but as well as negotiating a very eager husky and an 11 week old baby, (12 weeks tomorrow...woohoo), I will have to move various things around that we couldn't live without whilst he takes pictures.....this should be interesting.  The husky is moulting big time too so I hope the gentleman doesn't arrive in his bestest suit trousers or else he'll be leaving with an additional white hairy patterning on them!
Back to the issue of childcare, is it really financially viable to return to work these days?  I mean, I'd be spending so much on childcare that I'll be working for a third of my wages if I go back full doesn't make sense to me.
I'd be very interested to know your story about returning to work, or not.  Any regrets?
The sun is shining like mad outside and it would be criminal to stay indoors today.  I need some milk anyways so off to the shops I trot or I'll miss out on my 20-a-day brew habit!


  1. Another good read or am I just nosey! I was lucky when I went back to work after my 1st,went back to my nursing job 2 days a week and also did alternate Saturday nights in a nursing home.
    My next door neighbour was a registered child minder so Rhiannon went there 1 day a week and to mil the other,we are very lucky to have them close by!
    Hardest thing in the world,going back to work,if you can manage on reduced hours Kerry,I'd recommend it,they grow up way too fast,I speak from expierence now being the proud owner of a teenager!
    I will have to go back in September time joy! Have you thought about what you want for Jamie as in nursery or chilminder? There should be a list of both in your local library and at least that way you can go check them out.
    Hope that is of some help,also start getting super good at being organised now as its like a military operation to get out in the morning!

  2. Thanks Sian, it's all so confusing. Part of me wants to retrain in something completely different because if I have to leave my son for any length of time I want it to be for a job that I love. After my experience of health visitors it's been niggling at me to find out more about the training to become one. I don't think a few of them realise just how important their job is for a new mum.
    I could probably handle a couple of days a week but haven't put much thought into it...guess I need to decide what I want to do first and take it from there xx

  3. When our son was born, we both negotiated a 4 day week, as well as working one day a wwek at home. It meant we had less money coming in, but we only needed 2 days a week child care, and that we filled in with other parents taking turns. It ain't easy, that's for sure. It took us years to have a child, so the thought of handing him off for the whole week just didn't bear thinking.
    Good luck