Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Silly Old Sleep.

Yeah, who bloody needs it? Clearly not my son it would seem who has embarked on a one-baby crusade to fight sleep all the way....and it's starting to get very, very tedious..
He is 12 weeks old today and decided to celebrate with a 3.30am start.  Wonderful!!  I tried to persuade him back to sleep with gentle rocking and a belly full of milk but he just smiled and laughed with no intention of giving me ......j.u...s..t.....o.n..e....m..o...r.e.....h..o..u..r.
We came downstairs and he chatted happily to himself whilst I tried to wake up with a massive brew.  I watched One Born Every Minute on good old Sky+ and was transfixed by one of the girls in labour and her terrible teeth.  It's horrifying enough for my baby to look up and see my face in the morning let alone her baby looking at those awful blackened teeth....Eugh!
I've then spent the rest of the morning trying to get Bubba back off to sleep but he fights tooth and nail against it depite his drunken, sleepy eyes crying out to be rested.  Finally, after plugging him with his dummy and pacing the floor with him, he has just gone off again and I daren't make a noise in case I awaken the beast once more....even the tip-tapping of the keys as I type is a danger but I'll go mad if I don't share these tough times.
I was supposed to be heading into town today but I'm so sluggish and sleepy that I really can't be arsed right now.....I've also managed to miss the recyling collection as I was still pyjama-clad and refuse to allow anyone to see the horror that is me this morning until I'm washed and out of my slippers!
I hope that your Tuesday has started a bit better than mine.  At least the sun is shining outside and I think a walk would do us both good....for now though I'll let Bubba sleep and grab myself another cup of tea.
They really should make the working hours a bit clearer for the Motherhood job...I thought 8 hours of supervising an aerospace lab was stressful and exhausting......oh how wrong I was!


  1. I found that one of those slings you could carry the little sod in worked well for me. That and lots of songs.

  2. I bought an awesome sling months ago, just need to figure out how the bugger works!!
    I'm a singing fool and make up such bizarre songs that I'm quite sure Bubba will grow up with serious issues xx