Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bathing Babies - Lather, Rinse, Repeat?

I have no idea how often I should bath my baby.  I do hope it's not every day.  I find the whole process quite stressful and struggle with the standard baby bath design coupled with a slippery baby.  In an attempt to make it slightly easier I have cut a strip of cheapo bath mat and suckered it down the length of the bath.  He enjoys being in the water, as long as it's not too cold, but hates being lifted out and laid on the towel.  Even after I've bathed him I still find neck grubs, (random bits of fluff and the likes), stashed away in his many neck creases or in between his fingers.  He guards these areas well.  If I try to get at his neck with any sort of cleaning medium he pulls his head in like a tortoise and access is very much denied.  I usually resort to a baby wipe attack when he's already crying....usually when we're engaged in our daily battle of putting arms in sleeves.  He hates sleeves.  Be it dressing or undressing we always lock into a test of will at this point.
My last visit to see the witches ladies at Baby Clinic resulted in the following conversation:

Jamie is being undressed for weighing.

Lady - Is everything ok?
Me - Yes, he just hates sleeves.
Lady - Are you sure, he seems very upset?
Me - Yes, he just hates sleeves.

Sleeves complete, Jamie instantly happy and smiling on the table.

Lady - Oh.....How is his bottom, did you get treatment for his thrush?
Me - No.
Lady - Oh, did you take him to the doctor?
Me - No.

Silent pause.

Me - I didn't take him because I knew he didn't have thrush.  The rash cleared within 2 days using Sudocrem.
Lady - Oh.
Lady - Any other problems.
Me - No.

I do not like Baby Clinic, the women there seem hellbent on finding something to criticise and it really annoys me.  I resist the urge to tell the woman just to weigh my baby as is befitting her level of knowledge...but I don't.  I'm sure if I asked her how often I should bath Bubba she would reel off the government guidelines for baby bathing as they insist that all babies are the same.  Annoying baby health care workers is my new favourite sport!

On a different note, I came across this photo of me when I was little.  Now I know I'm getting old because my outfit is bang on trend by todays standards....I wish I looked this good in skinny jeans now:

Pity about mums DIY fringe cutting service though!

Finally, I shall be keeping a tally of my treadmilling each day.  Feel free to laugh heartily at my piss-poor efforts to lose weight!  This will be cumulative so don't think that on day 53 I actually ran 45

Day -2
Total miles - 1.2
Total calories - 150
Weight - 73kg


  1. Up until now when madam has actually started enjoying baths, she had about 2 baths a month!! Now I have a bath seat rather than a baby bath, and fill the bath up then sit her in. She has room to flap her arms and legs about and loves splashing...unfortunately she has an almighty paddy when I take her out now. *sigh*

  2. Do you still use a baby bath Sarah? Or does she go in the seat in the big bath?


  3. Oh i had that home cut fringe too, the shame!! I had all my babies in the tropics, they still embrace nudity & while i bathed them every day, as they got into mischief & you know, 35C & 90% humidity, i showered 3-4 times a day, especially with leaky milky boobs. I found babies incredibly easy, they never cried, fed, slept, so i had nothing to ask the clinic nurses, just found my own way, loved baby massage - great time to clean out those creases!! Mine loved baths but i never had to worry about cold water, they'd stay naked for a good couple of hours after a bath (should point out, this is girls, who wee in one direction - down, easy to lay on a towel on a hard floor, no mess if they do wee, boys - completely different, they're unpredictable sprinklers!!)
    As for clinics, here in Australia, when my 4 were little, the size & length charts were based on bottle fed babies in the 1970s!! Mine were all considered way too skinny no matter how many times i explained how much they eat, that i married into a tall skinny family or that they are runners . . . it still happens in school, i get the government letter telling me my children are underfed. I have invited them to dine with my children & see for themselves, they eat twice as much as my husband & i, it's just all healthy & fibre. Sorry 'normal' charts!! Wishing you all the best, go with what feels right, all i know is that i was terrified to shower holding a baby - sooo slippery, but my husband could do it with all the confidence in the world - a non slip flat chest & huge hands clearly an advantage. Love Posie

  4. Oh Posie, what a wonderful childhood your gorgeous, (I saw photos on your blog!), girls have had. It's so reassuring when other people also ignore those silly development guidelines.
    My partner can, and does, eat like a horse but is very slim and that will never change. They told him he needs to eat more and clearly didn't believe that he's not undernourished!
    I can't believe you get letters from the school, that would make me soooo cross!! I wonder if they send the same letters about overweight kids? That wouldn't be PC so probably not!!
    I've been reading up on baby 'milestones' and Jamie can do everything, bar sitting unaided, that a 6 month old should do. It's all nonsense!


  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog re the pillowcase dresses. Its such a great idea. I have got a few people to agree to make some and I'm happy to co-ordinate posting them. If you want to join us let me know and I'll send you my details. No worries if not tho. I'll look forward to seeing what you make and send!!

  6. Awesome, I'd love to join in. Will unpack the sewing machine and overlocker (in storage as we've got our house up for sale). Will read through the pattern tomorrow. Going to post step-by-step instructions (and photos) as I make one in the hope that others join in too :)

    Kerry x