Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Oh how lovely it is to be busy.....so busy in fact I've had to make a 'To Do' list.  It's not all baby stuff either..woohoo! 
I'm currently doing some work for my brother.  It's just renaming files but anything more taxing might cause my head to explode!  There's over 9000 of them to do so it should keep me busy for a while.
I have a million things I want/need to sew.  Not sure how to sneak my sewing machine and overlocker back into the house, (they're in storage as we have the house on the market).  For starters I'm sick of boring baby mittens and baby trousers that are WAY too tight round the waist.....seriously, have these people actually measured a baby?  The mittens should literally take about 5 mins to make.....I love my overlocker!  Baby trousers don't take much longer, they are easy-peasy-poo!

I used to sew away to my hearts content....I'm determined to get back to that again.  As an inspiration to myself I am posting some photos of past creations:

Looking through these has just reminded me that I have a small pile of baby trousers already made....just need to see if I can find them.  I refuse to buy any more baby clothes for a while as nothing seems to fit properly!

Right, off to tackle the next item on my list - baking!  Off to have lunch with family tomorrow and I promised to make pasties etc.  I'm going to do some experimental cooking.  I don't know why as it never, ever turns out well!  Think I'll take postmortem photos of this cooking crime so you can share in my despair.

No idea how I'm managing to stay awake these days.  Bubba has signalled his desire to commence weaning by waking up several times a night again.  I don't really want to see 2am unless I'm at a party, (a good one...rubbish parties are almost as bad as night feeds).  This morning I decided that I can't just waste the surplus baby foods I bought a while back so I decided to try Bubs on Banana Custard this morning.  The gelatinous substance smelled worse than adult vomit and went straight in the bin!!  Eeeeew. 

Right, can't sit here chit-chatting....I have a to-do list don't you know!!

Day -5
Total miles - 3.2
Total calories - 400
Weight - 73kg

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  1. I just adore your clothes..just wish I had a baby to put them in!! The most I can make are curtains, and that's only because I have to sew in a straight line! Good luck with the cooking. x