Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Car Park Police...What Would You Say?

Grrrrrrrr, some things really wind me up!  Just back from a trip to the supermarket, (muchos baking/cooking supplies needed for our family lunch tomorrow), and pulling up next to me in the mother and baby spaces is an elderly couple clearly without a baby in tow.  Now, I don't think mothers with children over school age should be allowed to park there, (lets face it, you no longer need the extra side space for the pushchair...I hope), but these two were clearly taking the piss.  The worst of it was, I didn't say a bloody word just scowled a bit.....this was wasted as it was completely unnoticed.
What would you do?
I mean, I'm more than happy to park in the normal spaces if you don't park too friggin close to my car...why do people do that too??  Just reverse out and have another run at it....don't leave it abandoned straddling two spaces!!
While I'm teetering on this soapbox I may as well mention roundabouts.  Indicate FFS!!!  Yes, I appreciate that you know which way you will be travelling, (sometimes I wonder though), but it's sometimes a good idea to let the rest of us know.

Time to attack the treadmill me thinks!


  1. It's good to have a rant and get it out of your system! Totally agree with you about inconsiderate use of designated mum and baby/disabled spaces and enjoy thinking up suitable punishment for the perpetrators of the crime xx

  2. Do you (like me) always limp when leaving your car incorrectly parked in a disabled space whilst popping in to collect your Chinese take away?

    Fools them every time

  3. Oooo I hate that too. Our car parks here have the designated areas and a lot of them now impose fines for anyone who misuses the spaces. I'd have gone to customer service with the reg plate. If they were elderly they maybe didn't notice where they were parking LOL.

  4. Ryan got some business cards made up which say HEY FUCK KNUCKLE, NICE PARKING! And he puts them in car windscreens.

  5. Giggling at this post as I feel the exact same way about both the parking and the indicating! The indicating thing is a big bug bear of mine, why can people just not indicate to say which way they are going, then they give ME a dirty look when I assume they are going straight on when they don't indicate!!! Grrr. I'm pregnant at the moment and know how annoying it will be when someone who clearly does not have a child in a pushchair pulls intot he mother and baby space, not sure what I'd do about it though! :) x