Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Contents of My Fridge!

I was tagged a couple of days ago over at the fabulous QWERTY Mum blog to post a photo of my fridge.  The inside that is, the outside would just be boring!
So, here it is in all it's unhealthy and untidy glory.  We only have a wee fridge built in to our kitchen units but it still holds a lot of cider....see Exhibit A:

Thankfully the cider is tucked away behind the cheese so not that easy to spot.  There's a distinct lack of greens in there as the lizards eat it all!  Just count yourselves lucky that it's not snake feeding day so no dead mice!!  I'm serious.
Off to rethink my unhealthy lifestyle!!


  1. Dead mice would have been awesome!

  2. mmm Nom yogurts! I only just cleaned my fridge, glad no one tags me then lol!

  3. Thanks for the message about the pillowcase dress. It sounds fab! Can't wait to see it. I think the charity try to let you know where the dresses go. I'll ask if we can find out as it would be great to get some photos if we can.