Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Walker, Dresses and a Massive Ruddy Coldsore!

That about sums up my weekend.
Firstly, my partner was mooching around in the garage and happened upon the baby walker my sister gave me yonks ago.  I had totally forgotten it was there!
Here is the wee man having his first ever taste of independent mobility:

He's made me a little sad this morning due to excessive face scratching again....drawn blood on his nose and it's horrid.  He practically lives in mittens or those baby grows with the attached flappy thing but he must have sneaked out a thumb or something.  I hope he grows out of this soon.

I've managed to fit in a bit of sewing and completed 2 dresses so far for the Dress A Girl Around the World campaign.  It's just a bugger finding the time, or when I do have the time I can't do anything noisy without waking up Bubba.

And finally, I have a big, fat, stinking cold sore.  Not even on my lip but between my lip and nose.  I don't know where it appeared from but I shall mostly be hiding my distorted mutant face from the world today!!


  1. Your little boy is so cute!! My little Sam used to scratch his face all the time too. He'll grow out of it! Well done re the dresses. Can't wait to see them. You have motivated me to get started now. Well done!!

  2. Thanks :)
    You've motivated me to take some photos of the finished ones and get cracking on some more!
    Do we have a target number or just sew till our fingers bleed? lol.


  3. ah bless so cute. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll x