Monday, April 11, 2011

I Made a Dress!

Having endured a day of interruptions and limited working space, I finally managed to make a dress.  Two in fact but I have no finished photos of the second so I'll leave that out for now....batteries died in the camera!

I am not good at sewing.  Fact.  Anyone who prides themselves in perfection please look away now.....I hate patterns, (never understand them), can't be bothered to pre-wash fabric or iron as I go, (although ironing always gives a better finish).  I want my dress and I want it now!!

So, to start with I took a dress I'd made previously and sort of cut around it in a very makeshift and haphazard manner:

I then had two pieces cut for the skirt:

I did this for all the pieces I'd need to recreate the same dress, (my second dress is a modification of this as there are at least 3 of these pieces that seem a waste of time to me)!! :

As you can see I lined the breast bits to stop them being see-through and add a bit more structure.  Finally, I sewed them all together in the quickest way possible!!  It has a zip at the back which I just did with the normal sewing foot as I have no zipper foot here at the moment.  Hey presto, we have a dress!! :

This fabric was £1 per meter!  Very cheap dress and I know it fits me so happy days.  Going to make 5 or 6 in total to see me through the summer.

Bubba is very naggy today so no time to post anything else!  Hope you're all well xxx

Edit : Here is a photo of the second dress I made.  Not the most beautiful in the world but looks nice on!


  1. wow, where did you get the fabric, its very cool! have to say your sewing style is similar to mine!

  2. The fabric came from Abakhan in North Wales, it didn't look like much on the roll but for £1 p/m in the clearance section I couldn't resist!

    Glad I'm not the only rule-breaking crafter! xx

  3. I have to say it looks really nice and summery, something you would look great in on holiday. My sister would really like something like this.

    CJ xx

  4. Love it!

    Much the same pattern-making style as me!

    x x

  5. Bit beyond me - I am still working up to making some bunting for getting in a party mood! I bought the pinking shears to do the cutting a year ago.

    I've tagged you in a post on my blog


  6. Lol, contents of my fridge...just hope there's no mice in there for the snakes (I kid you not)!!

    That shall be my post tomorrow xxx

  7. Wow, thats great! I would never be able to do that. I keep meaning to learn to knit, but never have time! x