Sunday, April 10, 2011

And The Winners Are:

Well, everyone that entered! 

- Caroline
- Becci
- Sian
- Inside the Wendy House

If you could e-mail me your postal addresses and your free pouches of Ella's Kitchen will be making their way to you this week :)  Hope your bubbas enjoy them as much as mine does! 
Email me at :
Thanks for entering guys!

Well, it doesn't feel at all like the weekend here as my partner is working overtime so neither of us gets a day off!  Still, I can't complain as the weather is fabulous and I have an awesome wee man to keep me company!
After my fabric shopping trip, (where I bought these lovely fabrics):

I decided that I couldn't live without my sewing machine any longer and brought it back out of storage.  I plan to make myself a dress out of each fabric as the ones I've made previously no longer fit....this one was my favourite:

I really like halterneck dresses so I think I'll do at least one of idea where any of my patterns are so will just have a rough guess at it using this dress as a guide. 
Note to self - full length leggings are not flattering...three quarter length every time please!!

Bubba had an all-out screaming session yesterday...the ones where you're scrabbling to get their clothes off and check every inch of them for injuries or any sign of what could be causing such distress.  A good burp, bit of sick and a few more tears later and he's absolutely fine....Jumperooing his heart out!  It's so stressful though and I was home alone which seemed to make everything worse. 

Off for a look at the car boot sale today...this could be dangerous!!

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