Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Craft Fair Looms!

Hello again,
been a few weeks since I posted to my blog due to a rather smashing holiday in Egypt.  It came just at the right time, all the snow was getting a bit depressing so off we went to warmer lands.

Still, it's back to reality now and March will bring my very first craft fair.  Fortunately, my crafting guru/sister/awesome friend Sparrowarms will be there to soften the blow and wipe away any tears brought on by shoppers exclaiming that they could 'easily make that themselves'.  If I've learned anything it's that writing books is not easy and great ideas for new funky kids clothing is: a) more difficult than you thought, b) takes ages just to make one and c) will probably cost you more in time and effort than you'll actually sell it for, (if you sell it at all).
Crafting and writing is definately done through love and a real passion for creating things.  If you make money then awesome otherwise you have a room full of pretty things you've made that will slowly be ditributed as gifts.
It's off to the sewing room I go now to make a plan of attack.  Tomorrow is illustrations day in the hope that I can finally finish this book and order multiple copies to sell on my new website, (when it's finished).
Here's a picture of Barry from the book.

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