Monday, July 5, 2010

Hooray - I'm Pregnant!

Yep, it's actually true....a baby Mackay-Jones is growing as we speak.
At 16 weeks I'm over the usual hurdles and venturing into the exciting bits.
It's funny though, the initial overwhelming excitement is so quickly replaced with nausea, impatience and a constant wonder if you're actually pregnant at all.  Four different pregnancy tests were not enough to convince me!  Not until I saw that waving, kicking miracle on the screen at my 12 week scan did I actually allow myself to believe it!  Still, it's not until 15/16 weeks that you start to look a bit pregnant, (rather than having eaten too much lunch), and then 18 weeks or so until you can actually feel the wee bugger.  The first trimester is really quite boring if you ask me.
Still, lots to look forward to.  As soon as I know what flavour the baby is I can start to write a series of books with my little nipper as the star.  I also plan to decorate the baby's nursery based on illustrations from one of the books...make it kinda personal :)
No bump photos available at this time as I just look podgy!
Here's a scan piccy instead xxx

And photos of the shawl my amazing mum has knitted for the baby:

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