Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decisions decisions.

My morning has been dedicated to money today, (i.e - will I have any once the baby arrives)!
The answer is an astounding 'YES'!  Having used the goverments interactive benefits website it would seem that muggins here should have been popping out the kids years ago instead of forging a career.  Not only will I be just as well off financially I will also be able to set up my own business and spend all day with my cherubs - when they arrive in due course.
My sock monkeys have caused a quite a stir on Ebay.  Mind you, anything more than no reaction is a big success in my eyes so I may be exaggerating somewhat.  Even so, I've been e-mailed comments almost daily with regards to them and had an encouraging amount of bids.  I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'd have to make 10+ per day to make a decent income, I'll be lucky to construct one when the baby arrives.  Sewing its limbs in the correct place is another matter altogether.
The big decision of the day is when should I start my maternity leave?  Week 29 is looking ever-more tempting with each passing day...that's only 12 weeks away.  Hell, I could have a one-woman sock monkey festival in that time!
It's fun writing this wee blog...creates the illusion that I have friends..haha!

Lunch is calling to me so off I pop, not long until the weekend now folks xx

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