Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You are 17 weeks old Baby Jones!

Dear Baby Jones,
Today I am 17 weeks pregnant with you.  I think you are celebrating this with extra efforts at moving as I've been feeling strange sensations since yesterday.  It's much appreciated :)
Been having trouble sleeping as I'm so excited that you'll be moving about soon...I lie awake waiting to feel a definate kick or wiggle from you.  I guess the sleepless nights are good practice!
Every day I count down to when we'll meet, it's all I think about these days and my brain is pretty much incapable of processing any other information.  Your dad says I'm a 'nightmare' and hopes my faculties return once you're born.  Your dad is a cheeky monkey by the way!!
So, I'm sitting here at work doing nothing constructive for an organisation that really couldn't care less what I'm doing each day.  I relish in these lessons and hope to pass on to you a desire to dedicate your life to something worthwhile and interesting.  It's better to persue your dreams than someone else's.
On a lighter note, could you please decide what foods you like to eat?  It's exhausting trying to keep up with the daily changes in my appetite....all those lollipops I bought which may never be eaten!  I also beg you to reconsider your dislike of spicy foods, I've never really been a korma-kinda-girl before and I am missing my jalepenos.
Dad should get the new ferret house finished this week and more snakes are arriving on Saturday.  I hope you like growing up in a zoo.  Your awesome dad makes everything interesting and his love of all creatures, (except our cat), is inspiring.  We are rather running out of room though!!
Your fruit fetish has kicked in again so I'm off to scoff some nectarines.  Perhaps you could consider a less costly craving although I love the fact that you're so healthy!
This is your mother signing off.
Later little alligator xxx

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