Monday, July 12, 2010

Hooray For Pregnant Bellies!

But BOOOOO to feeling sick.  Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy being pregnant another bout of nausea strikes and once again I'm shaking and whimpering on the sofa trying to shove Opal Fruits* into my mouth for a sugar hit! 
Still, back at work again this week and many comments made about the increase in my bump size...which is lovely.  The birth seems a million, billion years away though.  Yes yes, I know what you're'll pass before I know it...careful what I wish for...sleepless nights and nappies etc etc.  I'm not wishing the whole pregnancy would pass in the blink of an eye, just getting impatient waiting to feel the baby move and find out what flavour the wee monkey is!  Hopefully then I will be glowing and feel wonderful but I am starting to suspect that all the reports of feeling wonderful when pregnant were written post-birth by happy, gooey-eyed new mothers holding a bundle of joy in their arms.
My reality is that I am tired - a LOT, nausea cripples me without warning, maternity leave is teasing me as it's just too far away to get excited about not working, I have daily stomach cramps as my body pulls and stretches, my brain has ceased to function correctly, I have no idea how I'll cope without my salary, I haven't felt even a hint of baby movement (I am only 16.5 weeks though) and the next scan is still a month away.  I want to skip through a meadow with flowing golden hair and a perfect little bump...laughing and singing without a care in the world.
How does my wonderful partner feel about the mother of his darling baby?  He describes me daily as being a nightmare and hopes that my brain and ability to think returns soon after the birth.......*grrrrr*.
On the upside, being pregnant is truly amazing and I have no doubt, once baby is here, I will write reports of a glowing and fabulous pregnancy.  I shall also enjoy passing on horror stories to all mothers-to-be as seems to be tradition!
Until next my sock monkeys on Ebay!!

* They will always be Opal Fruits to me, not silly Starburst and since when did they remove the yellow ones and replace them with ghastly purple ones??!!

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