Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Perfect Presents.

The more I think about the website Blurb, the more I love it.  Lets face it, I'm never going to make the big time with my crude drawings and silly rhymes but what a fantastic thing it is to have books I've written and will read to my children.  As the kids grow and attempt their own stories I can upload their books and watch with pride as they thumb through their first publication.....ok, not quite - but you know what I mean!
My latest book about Eddie the crab will be the inspiration for decorating the nursery, (if we ever get round to relocating the beetle breeding project)!  The walls will be an underwater coral reef with beautiful fish and hermit crabs....it's going to be awesome.  I may want to have it as my room instead!
I purchased another pregnancy book on the advice of a colleague.  I had rather given up on them as I've failed to find definitive answers to any of my questions.  I'm 18 weeks pregnant, (tomorrow), so how big is my baby?  An easy one you might have thought but, alas, sources tell me it's anything from the size of an avocado up to 20cm in length...that's a big avocado!!  Don't get me wrong, if I'm suffering from heartburn or need help chosing maternity clothes then a wealth of information is out there waiting to assist me.  Perhaps I'll send in some photos of my not-quite-big-enough-for-maternity-clothes-yet clothing modifications.  I have a feeling that my Hair Bobble Fastener for Trousers would go down a storm and make me rich!
On a slightly different note, I was horrified in the supermarket yesterday after overhearing a nice young lady talking about her darling son, (who looked far too old to be in a buggy).  She was telling a friend that she "doesn't get any effing sleep these days because of the effing baby, he's always effing whinging and she's fed up of him".  I shall refrain from my rant about advocating the sterilisation of certain sectors of society and instead read up a bit more about home-schooling.  Do I really want my children learning social skills from the offspring of brainless, chain-smoking eejits? 
Until next time...well, tomorrow probably x

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