Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yoga or Pilates?

Answer - Chance would be a fine thing!
Every pregnancy magazine I read at the moment, (and I've been reading far too many), advises me that now is the time to take up yoga or pilates to keep my body and mind in shape and ease the birthing process.
I live in North Wales, we're lucky to have a swimming pool let alone a Wellness centre offering 'Hug Sessions' whilst chatting about our 4x4 landcruisers and the cost of private schooling.
I did a search for yoga in my local area.  One teacher offered sessions in my house during the day.  Firstly, I work full time and secondly my house is so full of wierd pets and chaos that any kind of flailing about would be considered dangerous.
Besides, I'm far too busy being grumpy and shoveling yoghurt into my face!
Work is seriously boring right now.  They have dumped me in an office with no supervision or work to do.  Now, this may sound awesome to most people but after 4 weeks I want to jab blunt objects deep into my eyeballs.  The highlight of each day is marking off the days on my wallchart and knowing that maternity leave is that little bit closer.
Looking forward to a much needed trip to Scotland next week.  My mum has been knitting furiously for the baby and it's little secret that she is (unofficially) the worlds best knitter.  A short stopover at my dads to display my bump then over to the coast for a bit of fishing.  Just hope all this rain buggers off...I don't want to be confined to the campervan all week!
My next post will be 2 weeks today which just happens to be the day of my 20 week scan.  Hopefully we should find out what flavour the bubba is and decide on a name once and for all!!
Until then, have a smashing few weeks xx  Oh, and Happy Birthday to Jenny xx

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