Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Boy!

Hooray!  An eventful 20 week scan determined that my baby is a wee bouncing boy. 
It's amazing, I'm over the half way mark now and it should all be downhill from here, (haha), just have to claw my way through every day at work until November brings much anticipated maternity leave.
It wasn't all plain sailing at the scan though, after an amazing 20 minutes or so, (baby was wiggling, kicking and waving non-stop), a wave of dizzyness overcame me.  The sonographer sprung into action turning me onto my side, (faintness was caused by baby pressing on my blood vessel and cutting off circulation to my head...yikes), opened the window and patted my face with a wet compress....bless her.  About 5 mins later I was starting to recover but a check of my BP showed it was quite low.  We managed to complete the scan, hence we know the sex - although baby rather amusingly crossed his legs in protest and had to be 'jiggled' a bit, and I was sent to another department to 'recover'.  Still, I got my scan photos for free as they felt a bit sorry for me!
Despite feeling a bit crappy that afternoon, I still managed to pop out and buy some baby boy romper suits...not that I needed them urgently, just felt good :)
All attempts at sewing or knitting have stopped completely at the moment, just have no inclination to do anything right now....except sleep really...oh, and eat!

Off to stare like a loon at my scan photos again...he definately has a Mackay nose!!

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