Friday, August 20, 2010

An Apple a Day.

Just another pimped up babygrow that I've completed.  The babygrow did have a little pink elephant on it so not really any good for my son.  One quick flurry of cutting and sewing later and we have a boy-friendly one instead.

And finally, another monkey is off to a new home...hooray!  Hopefully it will prompt me to get some more made.  I do have one almost completed but I seem to have misplaced an ear....I suspect I may have sucked it up whilst cleaning, (I do indulge in such pointless activities from time to time).  Here is the cheeky monkey:


  1. Wow, how gorgeous are your creations! I am *trying* to learn to sew, lets just say it's going slowly! Lovely blog too, I'm honored to be on your 'Blogs I love', thanks for following me :)

  2. It's a pleasure, reading blogs keeps me sane whilst stuck behind a desk all day!!
    I never really learned to sew, 90% of what I attempt is utterly rubbish :)