Thursday, August 19, 2010

Banish Boring Babygrows!

Just a quick one.  I have quite a lot of donated baby clothes for my bump, a few of which were plain white babygrows and I thought I'd experiment with ways to brighten them up a bit.
Here's a couple of photos of the first two that I attempted.
First up is a turtle painted on using a stencil and fabric quick and easy:

And the other was also very straightforward but a teeny bit more time-consuming.  I cut out an object printed on fabric, in this case a fish from the very last of my favourite fishy offcut.  I pinned the fish onto the plain babygrow and simply hand-stitched around it whilst watching a crap film and having a brew.  Took about an hour in total:

I really love it and plan to do loads more.  Little sewing projects like this are perfect for me at the moment, I have the energy of a slug and struggle to sit hunched over at the sewing machine for any length of time.

My good friend nausea is letting me know that it's time for food....until next time bloggers xx


  1. I love them!!! They look amazing - I really hate those generic babygrow patterns (usually cutsie teddy bears and schmaltzy butterflies) but they're almost impossible to avoid. I'm so jealous of arty people - I can't do anything crafty to save my life!!!

  2. Aaaw, thanks :)
    I am not at all arty though....just look at the illustrations for my children's books (Blurb link at top of page), very childlike!!