Monday, August 9, 2010

Back To Work Again...Eugh!

Well, am on the flip side of using up my entire 2010 holiday entitlement, (seemed like a good idea several weeks ago), and am now on the countdown to maternity leave...whenever that may be!
20 week scan last week and I can confirm that the wiggle-master is a boy.  I'm very excited, not had much to do with baby boys so I'm blissfully unaware of what it entails :)
I've been swotting up in the usual first-time-mum stylie, reading every word I can about pregnancy, birth, stitches, breastfeeding, stitches...did I mention the stitches yet?  Ouchie!  I feel like a total fraud though as I find the whole thing very surreal and hard to associate what I'm reading with the fact that it'll all be happening to me soon enough. 
I am so unprepared for it all.....not the baby bit so much as the pregnancy and birth.  Following my 20 week scan and drop in BP/fainting episode when I was there, I had to pop up to the Ante Natal ward to be checked over.  My fella asked me, "What usually happens in this ward"?  I really didn't know and had to ask the nurse.  There I am with a whopping big baby bump asking what the ante natal ward was for.....I felt like such an eejit.  It just didn't mention it in my notes anywhere so I was clueless.
Still, I have faith that my body will take care of everything, (apart from the mortgage), I'm really not in control at all so not much point in worrying. 
I do wish I hadn't read the section on stitches and will I ever get these images out of my head before December??

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