Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wake up Baby Jones!

After so many days of mental, non-stop movement, I guess it's inevitable to have days where baby moves less.  I have activated my 'don't panic, everything's fine' shield so I'm not too worried.  Think he's actually doing some tumbling and pulling today rather than karate as I keep getting a slight sensation of an organ being elbowed or the cord being tugged.  It's the little things like this that no-one ever warns you about, I'm considering writing a 'Don't Panic' guide for first time mums, missing out all the obvious stuff and focusing on the less exciting:

- Hurry up and Wait.....until mid-way, pregnancy is bloody boring.
- You will feel shite but get no sympathy as you are lacking a bump and can't tell people you're pregnant.
- Lots of wierd changes.
- Try not to claw at your breasts in public.
- Yes, I have stopped smoking completely whilst pregnant but it is none of your business that I shall celebrate the birth with a big, fat glass of red and a fag.
- People insist on telling you about miscarriages and awful labours.
- You will cry at everything.
- You will eat everything.
- First signs of your bump prompts highly amusing, (for amusing read annoying), comments like, "Haha, are you sure it's not just all the cake you've been eating".
- It is by far the most amazing, awe-inspiring, life-changing experience of my life.  I truly feel blessed by life to have this chance to be a mum.

Did I miss anything out?

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  1. Hello, thought I'd pop on over to share love - you missed out need to sleep and pee (but I think that may be later on when baby decides to play football with your bladder!!)
    Love the clothes!