Monday, August 16, 2010

We are dungarees, if you please.

Wait, just hold on a minute here...2 posts in one that allowed?!  Hells yeah!!
It kinda follows on from the sleeve trousers anyway, (which my darling partner was not impressed with at all...said they looked like the lining for something - pah)!
So, next I tackled another item of clothing.....some very-much-made-up dungarees.  Without any notion of dimensions or logic I embarked upon the following:

Take 1 pair of old jeans:

Chop his legs off thusly (I went about the knee, best if you measure an actual child though me thinks):

Chop three quarters down from the top along inside seam:

Turn one leg inside out, place right side out leg inside it (line up the openings):

Pin and sew the rough edges to eachother:

Once sewn, turn them all the right way out and, hey presto:

Now I just chopped and shaped the front and back as I pleased, overlocked all the bare edges and added a pocket from the bum of the big jeans, (may applique that later), and put in some elastic across the back:

Not quite finished yet, need to add buttons, some side fasteners of some sort and of course straps.  Have positioned fabric to look like straps and taken following photos so you get the gist of the finished article:

All I need now is my baby to arrive so he can try them on!!
I'm posting these projects in the hope that someone, somewhere will have a go at making clothes once they see how easy peasy lemon squeezy it is. 
Laters alligators xx


  1. Wow... I'm so crap at anything like this that I really admire anyone good with their hands. Can't believe you did that!!!

  2. Wow that is amazing, didn't think it was going to be that wow!

  3. Thanks guys, getting awesome feedback inspires me to sew more so I really appreciate it :)

    Kerry x

  4. Wow. Great idea but I'm sooooo bad at sewing or anything crafty!