Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Nursery Saga Begins.

It is no secret that I have longed to be a mum since my teenage years and as such have designed and decorated the nursery over and over in my mind.  At the age of 33, however, and faced with an actual nursery to decorate I now realise that I always imagined the finished article and never the long, horrid process that it takes to get there!
Stage 1 - Empty the Room. 
This initial stage is now complete and I was delighted to see how big the room looks with nothing in it.  It had been a breeding room for our beetle projects, (we love bugs and wierd things in our house), which have now been relocated into my sewing room.
Stage 2 - Strip off the GHASTLY Wallpaper.
I went full-on into stage 2, fuelled by the momentum of stage 1 but came to a very sudden standstill when I realised that the crazy steamer would not penetrate the plastic wallpaper.  I needed a perforator apparently.  Bugger that, I just went to town pulling the top layer off the paper, a job which took the rest of the day and all of my enthusiasm. 
And so it remains as a complete mess with shreds of wallpaper all over the floor, (thus trampled via footwear all around the landing and stairs), and I haven't been able to face it for several days.
I am hoping that the impending bank holiday weekend will spur me into action and a stripping frenzy!

The ultimate plan for my sons room is an underwater coral reef with loads of corals, fish and creatures.  Painting it will be the fun part, (I hope), and I'll pencil in some of the characters from my childrens books, (see Blurb link top right), for added excitement!!

Knowing me though, I'll end up getting so fed up that I just paint it blue.  Wish me luck!


  1. good luck! we were lasy and just painted the small room yellow with added pooh bear border! i say we, i meant i! there is some loverly furnishing fabric with underwater stuff (seaweed, crabs) on at ikea by the way! curtains????
    have fun it will look great and i look forward to be jelous when i see the piccys.x

  2. Woohooo, you have just given me the PERFECT excuse to go fabric shopping in Ikea!! Awesome!

    Am gonna take photos of each stage, just makes me cringe that it's such a mess.

  3. the photos will enable you to look back and see how far its come!
    have fun shopping


  5. OMG, that fabric is amazing!!
    I've now got 'crafting panic' where I feel a compulsion to leave work immediately and go fabric shopping.