Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Updates!

My blog posts have been very lacking in the photo department recently, an oversight that I wish to rectify this morning!
Here is the 20 week scan photo of Baby Jones, look at his cute little nose!

I'm so tempted to have a 4D scan done but it's such a lot of money.  I think my dizzy/faint spell at the last scan has convinced me that my money would probably be wasted as I'd only last about 10 minutes before feeling unwell.  Maybe Mr Beastie can use the money to buy more buggies instead!

Baby Jones is very lucky to have two awesome knitters in the family, namely Nana and Granny.
Granny sent me a photo of the most recent creation which is kindly modelled by the gorilla again.

I struggle to knit with 2 colours in stripes, my mother is a knitting god!

And finally, (and due to me not being on my home pc and lacking interesting photos), a trio of monkeys.  Two of these guys found new homes and the hearts one was kindly made for me by Sparrowarms.
I heart him a lot :)

I have BIG plans for more creations over the coming weeks.  I had a dream about making dungarees last night and awoke with an urge to sew...woohooo!  Now, the challenge is to make them without convincing myself that I need more fabric....although all of mine is very much girl-orientated....boys should have skulls...oh, and tractors.  I feel a trip to the fabric mothership coming on......I can feel my bank account wince at the very thought :)

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